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Texas Senate Bill 7 provided all retail customers with the option to choose their power provider, effective on January 1, This choice is similar to the choice that telephone users have regarding their phone services.

We represent you not the supplier or their portfolio. We have a network of possible suppliers not just one who will bid to provide your power.

The REPs we contact will know they will be competing with others; thus, they will provide their most reasonable bid. In the end, your company gets the finest services at the most manageable rates. We are an organization of experienced utility and power market experts with over 50 years of combined experience.

PPS is experienced in the industry; we know the ins and outs of power brokering and we look after your interests firsthand.

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The task of choosing a new REP and negotiating a new agreement is very labor- intensive. Do you or someone in your organization have the experience and time to be able to: After signing with the REP, you have 3 days to change your mind.

After that, your contract terms would determine if there was a test period. Overall, REPs are reluctant to provide test periods since it becomes difficult for them to manage highly customized contracts. However, there are different contract durations that some REPs will provide and PPS can negotiate to meet your particular needs. There is no upfront cost to your organization.

We do not get paid until you select a contract that you like. In an effort to insure your long- term success, PPS not only focuses on saving you money but also on incorporating the most ideal terms and conditions into your contract.

PPS is here for you. We do not abandon you once the contract is signed with the REP. If problems arise, we will work with you. You can lower your power costs in three easy steps… Call Sign- up with new REP and start saving money!

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