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Three students at the dealer school run by Maryland Live last year say it was a scheme to avoid paying wages while training employees. Now they are suing the casino in federal court. They say the casino told them the free training was a good deal, but their lawyers say they should have been paid to attend. Maryland Live "disguised its employee-training course as a school for the purpose of not paying plaintiffs," the lawyers at the firm of Peter T.

Nicholl wrote in the lawsuit filed Tuesday. Two of the plaintiffs started the school but did not finish. A third was hired by Maryland Live and worked at the casino. They say the Arundel Mills casino broke federal and state laws, and they want back pay and damages. Their lawyers are asking that the suit go forward on behalf of all people who participated in the training.

Carmen Gonzales, a spokeswoman for Maryland Live, called the allegations "wholly without merit. Maryland Live was authorized to start running table games in a referendum approved by voters in November The casino began advertising the school almost immediately after the referendum passed, the plaintiffs say, and received 9, applications.

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But it offered spots at the dealer school to only applicants, the plaintiffs say — almost the exact number it intended on hiring. In a news release at the time, the casino said acceptance into the course did not guarantee employment.

Davis III, an attorney for the attendees, said being accepted into the school itself amounted to being hired. Students were taught how to run blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat and other games.

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The school was purportedly set up with Anne Arundel Community Collegethe plaintiffs say, but the lawyers allege that no professors or college staff were involved. The college is not named as a party in the case.

The plaintiffs say c ertificates of completion handed out to students were mere "props" to help further the ruse. Daniel Baum, a spokesman for Anne Arundel Community College, said the school had not reviewed the suit and could not comment.

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  • Prepare to launch a new career as a Table Games Dealer at Maryland Live! Casino with training from Anne Arundel Community College. Become a certified Dealer in Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Mini-Baccarat, and more.
  • Dealer School. Bet on your future with an exciting new career as a blackjack dealer with the potential to earn up to $50, in wages and tips! Attend a free information session today. Learn More.
  • The courses in blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat, among other games, will begin Jan. 7. With Maryland's passing of Question 7 in the recent election, Maryland Live Casino hopes to create more than 1, jobs upon introducing table games and hour gaming to the state. Of the 1, jobs the.
  • A dealer school that Maryland Live casino set up as it scrambled to hire qualified staff as to run its table games was a scheme to avoid paying wages while training employees, They say the casino told them the free training was a good deal, but their lawyers say they should have been paid to attend.

He said the college values its partnership with the casino. The casino offered tuition reimbursement to students who were hired by Sept. They say the casino told them the free training was a good deal, but their lawyers say they should have been paid Maryland Live Casino in Hanover started operating table games at Here's a look at the scene from the casino.

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  1. Students they take lessons from professional dealers in hopes of landing a job at the Maryland Live! with craps and blackjack tables having replaced the merchandise racks and shelves. Classes will run 12 weeks. Tuition is free. The commitment is heavy, with each class meeting for four hours a day, five.:
    14 Casino Table Games jobs available in Maryland on Casino Dealer, Supervisor, Marketing Manager and more! Recent graduate from dealer school training at AACC through the Walmart Brighter Project grant program. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Maryland Live Casino Employee Reviews about "dealers". Show All Reviews >. Close .. -Low entry barrier (3 months of 4 hour classes, 5 days per week; current and new* employees receive tuition reimbursement for dealer classes).
  2. GITCA agreement which means that you are taxed at a certain hourly rate and tips are generally over that so less taxes to pay Easiest audition to get hired for (poker). Tips were what I expected and you could make some good tips. Tip rate was.:
    HANOVER, Md. (WJZ) — Get ready for blackjack, poker and other table games. Two months after Maryland voters approved expanded gambling, casinos are gearing up for a big change. Adam May takes us behind the scenes. Maryland Live! Casino opens a dealer training school while getting ready to.
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Offsite parking on weekends during peak times and it was about 2 miles away and you have to catch a shuttle bus to work from the parking lot adds an extra 30 minutes to the commute.

Dining card which was not linked to an account and upon leaving or termination you forfeit the money on the card. Interchange meetings to tell the future for the casino They tried to make it fun but boring if you been in the biz a long time Hard to get promoted unless you are in a minority group.

Happened on at least one occaision that someone didnt get promoted for that reason and was told that. Supervisors never informed you on your work progress and you work with many of them.

Terms without notice happens. Orientation is 2 days means really nothing but at least they feed you the casino buffet during both days.

Funny at the interchange meeting there was a prize for a buffet and no one wanted to claim it. Benefits for Part timers were no use to me.. The medical insurance was more expensive for part timers. PTO time was given but almost every day was blacked out for months in advance. It was nearly impossible to get a day off in a short period of time weekday or weekend and much longer for weekends.

Also the k you had to be with the company for five years to be vested and get their matching. Competition is coming in and with the poorly managed place here I am sure a few will be sprinkling into the new casinos that will open this year and in two years from now. Management needs to be more welcoming to new workers. The poker director never came forward to meet me or make much contact with other people. I only saw him in passing once during my time ago.

And he wasnt very receptive either. Documentation is needed to progress. It only takes one supervisor who may not like me or my name report it to the director and get the employee fired. Management should try to find another job fit for people if they didnt fit in the department.

Management needs to get off this ego trip also. You will get the hours you need and all the benefits you can ask for. Also the union is another huge perk. Once you are on the floor you have the supervisors and dual rates that are on power kick from being in the suit.

They are very rude, disrespectful, and they do not care about anything or anyone but themselves. They have personal conversations in front of customers where they are cursing and customers can clearly hear what they are saying. Dealers like to argue with each other in front of customers. Everything on the floor is just unprofessional in general. If you become a dealer they openly tell you that you have different procedure for everything.

If you are coming from another casino that's not how things are suppose to work. Train all floors, dual rates, and pit bosses properly and get everyone on the same page when it comes to table game procedures. Thanks for your comments.

We offer 14 courses to our leadership to build their management skill set. We are also evaluating table games procedures to bring more consistency to our department. Employees are expected to park on the 7th floor of the garage Monday through Thursday, which has easy elevator access.

This isn't particularly inconvenient. However, Friday through Sunday, employees are expected to park approximately two miles away, in the ever emerging "off-site parking" a terrible trend that treats employees as expendable to customers - there is no reason employees should not have continued access to the garage or to the mall parking lots. Park in the mall parking lot anyway and just walk to the employee entrance.

Arrive 10 minutes prior to your shift instead of Pass all the chumps waiting for the shuttle bus back to the off site parking lot walking back to your car.

Laugh quietly to yourself as you leave for home 20 minutes before them all. This is a terrible characteristic to have: Still, if you do your job well, your interaction with them will be minimal. Although classes teach you the basic know how, you don't become a professional dealer until you start dealing professionally: The game is more fast paced, you make payouts you're unaccustomed to making, you work for far longer than you're used to in that role, you deal with a wide variety clientele.

Not to mention the real estate invested, built, and recently opened and opening, a myriad of other shopping centers, a plethora of other restaurants, ranging from the casual to the upscale, and the variety of hotels nearby. Still, the clientele is simply They are, generally speaking, rude, abrasive, demanding, vile, drunk, confrontational, hostile, and disrespectful.

That isn't to say they all are, and of course there are two isolated high limit rooms. But it isn't so much as a economic issue as it is a social issue.

It's just quality of the people in the area, there's no explaining or excusing it, it just is. I find that there are enough pleasant customers to off set this, at least for me. I also think personal attitude can make a huge difference here. I've worked at many entertainment companies including a movie theatre, alcohol distributors, and talent scouting. When comparing the stress, pay, respect, and black out days, Maryland Live is easily in last place but I know what to expect with this industry.

If you're not used to working in the entrainment industry you're in for a rude awakening. Prizes awarded to employees. Cheap medical, dental, vision, and k for FT employees. Healthcare benefits now offered for PT employees post Obamacare. Many ways to move up in the company without college degree or former casino experience. Ability to move to different departments and jobs if unsatisfied currently and qualified. Employees of all cultures and backgrounds.

Many shifts to choose from to fit your personal needs. Point system for attendance with non-salaried employees. If you're late, call out, or have to leave early for any reason Emergency or not , you will be pointed between. Employees can be extremely rude and ignorant. Many "black out" days where you cannot request off. In non- salaried jobs you will be on your feet for your entire Shift except for 2 breaks.

Thin poor quality uniforms. Gaming license is expensive. Taken out every check although union representatives are never seen after orientation. To be fair, this isn't the casino's responsibility.

We love the interchange meetings, however, you should have meetings with members of each department to hear their concerns. If an employee has a problem with their departmental management, they cannot feel secure in making a complaint to said management. Make HR, payroll, and clinic services available to grave shift overnight and weekend employees. If I need paperwork or my paycheck isn't right, I have to wait until M-F to get helped.

Increase pay and do it now before other casinos open. Maryland Live has no real competition on the east coast even from Atlantic City as it pertains to revenue. I've never been happier during any other job. Lot's of breaks, Paycheck isn't too bad after tips are included. It's a decent paying job for non-college-educated young adults that can deal with high levels of stress and verbal abuse from customers. I've never been more stressed during any other job. Miserable customers can ruin your day.

Some lower level management and dual-rate employees have no clue what they're doing. The customer "is not" always right in this business. But the dealer almost always takes the blame either way. Veterans Day Freebies And Discounts There are lots of places where veterans and active duty service members can get free stuff on Veterans Day. Ask A Baltimore Chef: Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes Chef Todd Mohr has been around the block a few times in his years of professional cooking and teaching. Baltimore is littered with locally owned shops and restaurants.

The greater Baltimore area offers several opportunities to meet, and adopt a new animal companion looking for a forever home. America's Best Sledding Hills Tubing is one thing and old fashioned sledding is another. If sliding on a plastic saucer is your idea of downhill fun, the best sledding hills in America have plenty of snowy slopes to navigate with the aid of gravity. Best Offbeat Holiday Destinations In America A quick look at five of the most magical and most rewarding destinations to visit during the holidays.

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