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Senate has 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats including two independents. The Senate election takes place on November 6, That party will need to gain 2 seats to take control.

This 3-part Senate map lets you view the current Senate, make a forecast for the Senate elections, and see the composition of the Senate based on those predictions. Use the buttons below the map to share it on social media or embed it into a web page. Click the map to create your own at toWin. Senate seats to be contested in Until January, the Senate is 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats. Since this page is meant for creating forecasts, it is based on how the Senate will look after Doug Jones is seated.

Current Senate th Congress. Interactive Map Contested Select a Starting View: Customize your map by changing one or more states; return here to share it.

You can also link directly via this URL: X Embed Your Map Place this map on your website. Just paste the following HTML code: To update your forecast for a race, rotate its color directly on the map. Pro ratings courtesy of Sabato's Crystal Ball. Use 'Map Options' to change the number of ratings available.

The arrows on the counter above the map designate the controlling party. If you have an Ad Blocker in place, please disable it. Separately, you may not be able to view our maps in the new IE10 browser due to some changes Microsoft has made regarding the display of Flash content. This issue will not be fixed prior to the election, so you may want to visit toWin using a different web browser.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Can't See Maps or Polls?

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The following races are rated as safe for the incumbent party.

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Could 2018 be a wave election for Dems?