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The Entertainment Capital of the World. People fly from all over the world to Sin City in order to enjoy themselves and gamble it up. On the other side of the spectrum, poker-wise, millions of people all over the world enjoy anteing up in home games.

So why, then, would someone travel across the world, over 7, miles, to end up playing in a Las Vegas home game? A bit of explanation is in order. I had never planned on playing in any bracelet events, but I had planned on playing in a tournament or two and in lots of cash games.

Pretty much the last thing I expected to happen was to be invited to a Las Vegas home game. After all, the only people I know who live in Vegas are professional poker players who play for way higher stakes than I could afford.

On the second day of my trip, my phone buzzed with a notification from my friend Amnon, back home in Israel. I had a blast! Part of why I wanted to attend the Vegas home game was so that I could experience something different.

I wanted to know how other guys do it. In Vegas, I played with a bunch of guys who seemed just as excited to be playing poker and as into the game as I was.

I could just sit there, enjoy the experience, and take it all in. I forget what it was called but basically each player took turns betting on whether the next card in the deck would fall within the range of the two previous cards see picture for illustration.

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Why were the games so memorable? Plainly put, it was the atmosphere. It felt like a craps table. Everyone was loud, boisterous even, and loving the gameplay.

Despite the low stakes, the excitement was palpable. At home, I basically play with a homogeneous crowd of married observant Jewish guys. In Vegas, I was the lone married observant Jewish guy, playing with a bunch of single guys of numerous different races, religions, and backgrounds. It was different, exciting, and educational. It all just sort of hit me when they offered me pizza.

What makes poker fun for me, beyond all the aspects of the game itself, is interacting with all sorts of different people who you get to meet and spend quality time with around the tables. The game itself will always remain a recreational pursuit and the money will come and go, but the memories will last a lifetime. After having worked as a copywriter and marketing professional in the online gaming industry for a number of years, Robbie has been self-employed doing poker media since March Connect with Robbie via email: The World Series of Poker is making it easy for even the lowest-stakes grinders out there to fulfill their dreams and play in WSOP bracelet….

Poker is great anywhere you play it, whether online, in a home game or in a casino. There are some distinct advantages, however, to playing….

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