Casino Night Zone (sonic The Hedgehog 2)

Gaming Tutorials Submitted By: Jan 02, Comments: It is not very long, and there are three rings at the bottom Upgrade over three. Now in front of you youll see two flippers. Get on one and press A to go flying Now remember you only have ten minutes and get some rings. There is a Power Sneaker Capsule to the right as well as some more Pinball-related objects, bumpers. Avoid them and fall down into the circular pit. Hit the vertical flipper to the right to get out and be on your way.

Youll land on a bumper; go right and youll see a large blue block. When it rises, jump under and into the next pit. Being on top wont kill you; they dont go up all the way. After passing through the two block obstacles, there will be another below. Get on it when it moves toward you, and ride it to the right. There will be another slightly higher than the one your on that youll want to get when you move to the right so hop on.

Now this ones the last; youll exit into a small passageway to the right. Below is yet another blue block, ride it up and onto the next platform.

You want to be on the platform to the right, but with such a low ceiling, it is nearly impossible. So do a cool trick to get over pits, that is, do a Spin Dash. From here jump into the passageway to the right and get the Power Sneakers. Run forward and go down an elevator, and when lowered, get the Super Ring Capsule to the left.

After harvesting the rings, go right and into a Pinball Spring. Youll go through a loop and then enter a small tube with another Pinball Spring. Do as before to launch yourself and youll enter the bounce chamber I happen to think its a good name!

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Move to the right and youll see a huge pit below you. Play in it if youd like Get out by charging up a Spin Dash but if youd like to pass over it, get on the hovering bounce board Theyre blue and they move from left to right, you bounce on them and juggle yourself on it until you reach the other side.

When at the other side, youll see a Pinball Flipper ahead. Use it to get onto the higher platform and move to the right. Youll go up an elevator and head right. Jump over the Pinball Flipper ahead and youll finally reach the checkpoint! Directly after the checkpoint is a Super Ring Capsule.

Keep going right and youll see green plates that flash yellow hovering over a pit. Jump on one to bounce upwards and use it to get on another plate. Bounce from one to the other until you reach the end.

Fall down into the pit and youll find more green plates. Keep bouncing on them until they disappear and fall down. Run to the right and into a tube with a Pinball Spring in it.

Not just ample Zone (sonic Night Hedgehog 2) Casino The shower

Spring up through a loop and onto another spring. Spring up again and get onto the Pinball Flipper to the left. Youll land near a Super Ring and Invincibility Capsule. Get both and run forward. Youll run straight into a pit. Get to the bottom and onto another Pinball Spring. When you exit, youll land on a Pinball Flipper. Flip it and fly for the Robotnik Sign!

As I thought, once again, three rings at the start to the right. Get them and By way of red spring or green plates get up the half- loop. Youll see a new enemy And the only type of enemy in this zoneCrawls. These are invincible, unless youre invincible, these can only be defeat from behind. They have a bumper attached to their arm so all attacks are useless since he bounces you off of him. Just jump over him and into a Pinball Spring Tube. Spring up and run into the red spring to the left.

After a half-loop youll encounter another Crawl. Take him out if you like and move to the right. Another trail of green plates, bounce from one to the next to cross. Keep going right and youll find two blocks moving up and down. When one moves up, get under it and fall down.

Be careful not to be crushed, and land. Move to the right and fall into a pit surrounded by Pinball Flippers.

Jump over the blue block when it come to you and move to the right. There will be another passageway to the upper right youll want to enter, so wait for the blue block in it to pull out of the hallway, and jump in.

Keep moving right and youll ride up an elevator. Above that elevator is another one; ride it up. When here stop and get the Power Sneakers Capsule to the right.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Casino Night Zone

Keep running to the right and youll pass through a few things, but if you run at top speed youll pass through the checkpoint. Fall into the pit to the right and when you reach a layer of bumpers, bounce into the hallway to the right. There is a Pinball Spring, so spring! You go through an Elevator Shaft and into a small hallway with a blue block to the right.

Jump over the block and run up the half-loop to the right. There is a Pinball Flipper at the end of the hallway. It will send you on a bouncing session and onto a Pinball Spring. Power it up about two-thirds of the way and youll enter the bouncing floor area and fall down onto a section of green plates surrounded by Pinball Flippers. Break the plates and fall down.

Youll enter a pit with half-loops on either side. Spin Dash up the one to the right and after much bouncing you will enter a smaller version of the previous pit. Go up the side to the right and enter a small hallway.

In the hall is an elevator, ride it up and then ride the other elevator above it up. There will be a Crawl to the right and an Invincibility Capsule to the left.

Get the Invincibility and Casino Night Zone (sonic The Hedgehog 2) them! Run into the pit ahead, fall to the bottom and get that checkpoint. The boss is near. Keep heading right and youll reach a giant Casino Youtube Batman Arkham City Gameplay Hours Domain.

He is real easy; his only offense is dropping explosive spike balls, and trying to grab you when you get close. There are Pinball Flippers and Bumpers in here that you can use to bounce up and hit him.

Another way to hit him would be by Spin Dash up the sides and then turn to the side and strike him. I would like to point out that if you have it on pause and you look at Robotniks ship, it has a groovy new paint job that could rival the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. Anyway, defeat him after some fun with the Pinball Arena and Spin Dash to the right in the newly opened passageway that leads to the Capsule. Roblox Studio - Setting Up Y Roblox Studio - Getting Setu Titanfall 2 - Annihilation Titanfall 2 - Power Slide Titanfall 2 - I know Kung Fu Titanfall 2 - Apex Predator Titanfall 2 - Free Associati Titanfall 2 - You can be my Titanfall 2 - Pied Piper Titanfall 2 - Robot Army Titanfall 2 - Close Shave Titanfall 2 - Hat Trick

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