Game Of Chance Casino Estoril Bilheteira Gulbenkian

Specials supply great way Gulbenkian Casino Of Estoril Bilheteira Chance Game

ECO reports exclusively about the first course at the University o Restaurants, gelegen am Flussufer und zum Marktplatz. Original packaging brings success to entrepreneurial siblings in the Portuguese jam business. Ingredientes de luxo e cerveja artesanal. Descubra a pizzeria mais trendy de Lisboa. A gold-plated oven, a Nepalese chef.

Luxury ingredients and boutique beer. Discover the trendiest pizzeria in Lisbon. Entdecken sie die angesagteste Pizzeria von Lissabon.

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One of the best night skies in Europe for astronomic observation is in the heart of Alentejo. De 4 a 12 de Abril, os Jardins do Casino Estoril, acolhem um festival de comida de rua. From 4th to 12th April, the Gardens of the Casino of Estoril, host this street food festival.

It has a gold-plated oven and a chef from Nepal Diese Pizzeria ist anders: Pizza baked in golden oven! Die Pizza aus dem goldenen Ofen! Tanka Sapkota, o dono e chef parece um andarilho. Tenta estar em todo o lado ao mesmo tempo. Finalmente, senta-se um pouco. Lunch time, full room. Tanka Sapkota, owner and chef, spins round like a top trying to be in all places at once.

He watches the oven, greets new arrivals, waits at the tables. Energetic, but not stresses, he maintains this rhythm until time starts returning clients back to their jobs. Finally, he sits for a short while. The Nepalese smiles and answers: Now that the restaurant has opened its doors and is running full steam ahead, at number 16 Artilharia Um, it looks like an easy deal.

But it was not so. The idea of bringing a golden oven to the capital — there is only one other in the whole world, in New York — took years to mature. All the materials came from Italy and the oven was assembled, during 10 days, there where it is now. But it is not only the outside that is different, the inside is too. It has to be light and elastic, and stretch so he opens his arms as far as he can without breaking.

It needs water in the right quantity, a good yeast, it needs to have bubbles inside. Mittagszeit, der Speisesaal ist voll.

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Fragt nach, ob alles in Ordnung ist und steht nie still. Ahhhh, kann ich nicht sagen er lachtaber meine Frau und ich glauben, es war eine gute Investition, die sich mit der Zeit rentieren wird. Das jedoch, ist es nicht gewesen. Die Idee einen goldenen Ofen in die Hauptstadt zu bringen — es gibt weltweit nur noch einen anderen in New York — hat Jahre gebraucht, um heranzureifen. Das gesamte Material stammt aus Italien und hier an dieser Stelle wurde der Ofen innerhalb von 10 Tagen aufgestellt. Para ele, a pizza ideal tem poucos ingredientes.

Gosta muito de azeite, de bacalhau e do mar. E a pizza, como se come? He would have been a lawyer, were it not for the restless spirit that impelled him to drop the Law Degree and move on. He went to Germany, where he washed dishes at a top Italian restaurant where he learnt everything he needed to become the chef he is today. Here, he works in various pizzarias before opening his first, Bella Italia, in He stands out in Come Prima, still open today.

He gets married to his young bride, brings her to this country and they have two children. To him, the ideal pizza has few ingredients. He loves olive oil, codfish and the sea. He dreams of the day when he will be able to read a book in Portuguese perfectly. He left Nepal, but the mountains remain in his mind and his heart.

The chef guarantees that in the last years he has worked an average of 18 hours per day. Not very far, on top of the counter, is a Berkel machine known as the Ferrari of ham slicers, of a bright red, for making a mean carpaccio.

Tanka brings the best of the best from Italy truffles, San Marsano tomato, burrata -a soft and buttery white cheese -among others of prime quality. However, the typical flavours of Portugal are not left out of his kitchen. Perhaps because of Game Of Chance Casino Estoril Bilheteira Gulbenkian, of the more than 30 pizzas on the menu, one has smoked cod.

Other national products were not forgotten either, such as black pork smoked sausage, ewe curd cheese, alheira bread and meat sausage or morcela blood sausage from Monchique. And how does one eat pizza?

With the exception of the one that includes gold leaf -yes, there is one that has gold leaf in it- naturally the most expensive, all other pizzas are within the average prices found in this type of restaurant. To accompany the meal, the pizzaria offers dozens of artisan beers, whose bottles are also part of the decoration of the restaurant.

This is done Best Casino Slots Free Games For Fun tones of white, conceptualized by Cristina Santos Silva. Tanka is proud of what he has built and once again looks at the balcony: Vor 41 Jahren in Nepal geboren. Mit dem Come Prima machte er sich einen Namen, es existiert immer noch. Er heiratet die junge Frau, die mit ihm nach Portugal ging und mit der er heute zwei Kinder hat. Der Koch berichtet, dass er in den letzten Jahren durchschnittlich 18 Stunden pro Tag gearbeitet hat.

Auch andere portugiesische Produkte hat er nicht vergessen, wie die Paio vom schwarzen Game Of Chance Casino Estoril Bilheteira Gulbenkian, den Schafsquark, die Alheira oder die Morcela aus Monchique. Und, wie isst man die Pizza? Tanka ist stolz auf das, was er aufgebaut hat und wirft erneut einen Blick hinter den Tresen: Faurencia, a company sponsored by PeugeotCitroen, specializes in the production of car parts. The Irish company will have an Open Day in Ponta Delgada in order to hire commissioners and assistants.

The archipelago has around 10, beds available with another 1, to be approved. In fact, there are 21 hostels waiting to be approved in the Azores. The hotel business of this autonomous region had a profit of 45 million Euro in Zu diesem Betrag addieren sich die Mio.

Zudem erwarten 21 Hostels auf den Azoren ihre Zulassung. According to the most recent data of the Madrid delegation of AICEP Agency for the External Investment and Commerce of Portugalfrom January to September ofPortugal was the seventh largest supplier of Andalusia, with exports of million Euro to the region the first two are Nigeria and Algeria, exclusively exporting hydro-carbonates, petroleum and gas.

Andalusia counts on the investment of groups such as Sonae-Sierra that detains and is expanding the joint-venture of one of the largest shopping centres in Malaga ; Salvador Caetano that chose Malaga to install Ibericar, its network of auto-mobile concessionaires ; Sovena leading company in the sales of olive oil and Sugalidal tomato deals. Umgekehrt importierte Portugal im Vergleichszeitraum aus Andalusien 1. From toit will attribute, per businesses, 1, million Euro to the production and sales of energy and the remainder to the distribution of electricity.

From the end of March, the airline companies of the Lufthansa group - Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Germanwings, Lufthansa and Swiss — are increasing their offer of flights for passengers on holidays. The increase in offer by these companies is going to include a range of tourist destinations considered to be popular.

This is a record number, representing an increase of 10 percent in the operations of the German group in our country. During the next high season, the Lufthansa group will offer the widest network of destinations in the world, with 22, weekly flights.

These will link destinations in countries in four continents in comparison: The summer schedules of the airline companies of the Lufthansa group will apply from 29th March to 25th October. The Evelyn Maersk is a mega vessel measuring close to metres in length and 56 metres in width; and with draught of 16 metres.

Likewise, it has a maximum capacity of 14, TEUs twenty-foot equivalent unitof which 1, are refrigerator containers. Sines was the first stop in Europe since its departure from Malaya on the 6th March, and it now heads for the port of Le Havre in France.

Am vergangenen Sonntag, Sines war die erste Station in Europa seit dem Verlassen Malaysias am 6. Two Dornier G92 planes will take up to 15 sportsmen, at a time, to jump from altitudes up to 14, feet. During the event, Skydive Algarve will organise tandem jumps for the general public. Pestana Group opens hotel in Marrakech The Pestana Group has announced the opening of a hotel in Marrakesh as the result of an 8.

The project encompasses the total remodelling of the unit and its conversion into a 4-star with rooms. This training is intended for entrepreneurs in the agro-forest activity and general public.

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Game Of Chance Casino Estoril Bilheteira Gulbenkian

Game Of Chance Casino Estoril Bilheteira Gulbenkian

Game Of Chance Casino Estoril Bilheteira Gulbenkian

Kontaktieren Sie zur Anmeldung: O percurso integra diversas zonas de lazer e descanso. It joins the existing network of boardwalks and walkways, creating a route with more than two kilometres along the sea line.

The route integrated various leisure and resting areas.

Casino Gulbenkian Bilheteira Of Chance Game Estoril the

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Draw the subsequent path the Game Of Chance Casino Estoril Bilheteira Gulbenkian you may decide how you

  1. Acesso às coleções permanentes do Museu Calouste Gulbenkian e a todas as exposições temporárias. / Admission to permanent exhibitions at Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, as well as to all temporary exhibitions. Inteiro €. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, LX Card €. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Jovem €.Missing: game ‎chance ‎casino ‎estoril.:
    Como adquirir bilhetes para a Gulbenkian Música: na Fundação, online ou por telefone. Informações de descontos, acessibilidades e casinopokies.reviewg: game ‎chance ‎casino ‎estoril. Eventos · Todos os eventos · Gulbenkian Música · Descobrir Gulbenkian · Concertos · Oficinas · Cursos · Cinema · Visitas Orientadas · Outros eventos · Assinaturas · Museus e Exposições · Recuar Agenda Avançar. DEZEMBRO - D, S, T, Q, Q, S, S. 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 · Missing: game ‎chance ‎casino ‎estoril. It is precisely this that the Street Food European Festival, from the 4th to the 12th of April, in the Gardens of the Casino of Estoril, intends to demonstrate, according to José Games | Software. Spiele 06 Diversos Miscellaneous | Sonstiges Igor Duarte / Carlos Paiva 01 Mobiliário Furniture | Möbel 02 Decoração Decoration.
  2. In March, we have the chance to become voyeurs via a focus in the programme on shows, film, workshops and debates which question the place of the spectator and .. Lá, onde só uma Palavra Mágica a pode seiro da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. . It is an intelligent and yet simple trols what, who is who in this game?:
    Among the largest non-state-run research institutions in Portugal are the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência and the Champalimaud Foundation. .. and Óquei de Barcelos. and has achieved several victories in the European Working Equitation Futebol Clube do Porto. shooting. kitesurf. and the Estoril. ÀS 16H00 BILHETES A PARTIR DE 7. do interior. mas convém reservar lugar. outras vidas se desfiam. tem por companhia outros chefs nortenhos: Pedro Lemos. mas também as albondigas de choco. A casinopokies.reviewções LISBOA Echolalia música teatro e dança cinema tv ver FUNDAÇÃO CALOUSTE GULBENKIAN. Among the largest non-state-run research institutions in Portugal are the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência and the Champalimaud Foundation, a neuroscience and .. In athletics, the Portuguese have won a number of gold, silver and bronze medals in the European, World and Olympic Games competitions.

Asked Game Of Chance Casino Estoril Bilheteira Gulbenkian enjoying the facility Ball lottery


Bin 28 Jahre alt. Nur ernsthafte Angebote bitte. Promoters wanted, to disseminate information about restaurants, inside or outside them. In the medium-term, this occupation will help the promoter open a business himself restaurant, hairdresser salon, bar, gym.

Do not miss this opportunity. Ask for more information. Procuro um electricista-auto, que me possa ajudar a restaurar um Mercedes. Wanted an auto electrician to help me restore a Mercedes.

German and English spoken. Suche Autoelektriker, der Mir nebenberuflich bei Restaurierung von Mercedes hilft. Wanted an Internet technician for occasional works. Senhor procura trabalho como argumentista de filmes e novelas. Por mensagem ou telefone. Nachricht senden oder anrufen.

Eastern European man, 40 years old, seeks work during the day or night time, with good payment. Man, 58 years old, good looking, with driving license, seeks land clearance work, or garden maintenance, tree pruning, etc. A tempo inteiro ou parcial. I have 15 years experience and lots of training. Habe 15 Jahre Erfahrung und viel Training.

Qualquer tipo de sistemas de rega. Can install any kind of irrigation system, lay grass lawns - either by seeding or with turf. Also tree surgery and planting.

Portuguese Gentleman, 38 years old, with 12th grade completted, multilingual English, French, German and Spanish is looking for work in any area hotels, offices, gardening, etc. Schuljahrangeschlossen, mehrsprachig Englisch, Franz. Etage, im Ortszentrum, von privat, zu verkaufen. Procuro trabalho a fazer castings. Seeking work doing castings. Suche Arbeit in Castings. Apartamento T2, renovado, vidros duplos, AC. Portuguese gentleman, 60, well presented, with driving license, speaks several languages, seeks work in private home or any other service.

Kann gute Referenzen vorweisen. With tools and own transport. Will also undertake house maintenance and gardening work, painting services, etc. Ich spreche gut Englisch. Studiowohnung in der Innenstadt, im 3. Consideram-se todas as ofertas. Alle Angebote kommen in Betracht. Ready to live in. Apartment, new, 2 bedrooms, sqm, 2 bathrooms, BBQ, 1st floor. Wohnung, neu, 2 BZ, Grill, 1. Balkon, Wohngebiet, 10 Min. Das Appartement ist ideal als erster oder zweiter Wohnsitz oder als Ferienwohnung zum Vermieten.

Strand und Jachthafen entfernt. Apartment for sale, central, near commercial area and services, kitchen fully refurbished, ground floor, excellent opportunity.

In a building with 2 floors. Nur an Privat zu verkaufen. Ou permuto por apartamento no Rio de Janeiro, zona sul. For sale or exchange for apartment in South Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Enviar ofertas com fotos para o e-mail:. Dutch family is looking to buy a 2-bedroom apartment or small house with sea views. Send offers and pictures to the e-mail:.

Hollandische Familie sucht zu kaufen: Angebote mit Bilder bitte an:. Von Privat an Privat. Lugar tranquilo e belo. In a quiet beautiful location. With panoramic views over the Algarve hills. Countryside house, isolated, built in , with guest house, wine cellar, conservatory, outside sauna, pool, with southern exposure and panoramic views, central heating, fireplace, well, solar panels, plot, olive trees, wineyard 1 hectar.

Typical Alentejo house, 2 bed, new kitchen, lounge diner, mezzanine floor, outside terrace, garage, solar panel. Paga-se a dinheiro no acto da escritura. Zahle bar bei Eintragung ins Grundbuch. Ideal holiday home, for sale fully furnished. New single-storey house, sqm, 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, conservatory, fitted kitchen, central heating, solar system, energy class A, Mediterranean garden with pool and BBQ.

Mediterraner Garten mit Pool u. Large 3-bedroom house, 3 bathroom, Air con, garage, fitted wardrobes, fully fitted modern kitchen, jacuzzi bath, etc. Casa com 3 quartos, 3 casas de banho, vende-se. Troco por apartamento em Lagos. Garage, air con, fitted wardrobes. Will swap for apartment in Lagos. Moradia com 5 quartos, vista mar, a m do golfe, 1 min. KFZ kann als Teilzahlung dienen. Quiet location, close to Messines. Partially enclosed by a hedge. Spacious villa, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fitted kitchen, lounge, dinner, fireplace, garage, garden, BBQ, pool, furnished, for sale.

Old house, 3 rooms, for sale. Garage for 2 cars and grill. Ofertas na ordem dos:. Apenas 35 min do sul ou costa oeste. Only 35 min from the south or west coast. OmaHaus auf dem Lande. Country house, in isolated area, constructed in , with guest house and wine cellar, south facing with panoramic view, central heating, fireplace, deep well, solar panels in 1 hectare of land.

Countryside 4-bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, 2 fireplaces, furnished, landscape panoramic views, solar panels, garage. Machen Sie mir ein Angebot! German windows and doors. Low energy consumption house. Will accept exchange until Entre Alfazinha e Rocha brava. Between Alfazinha and Rocha Brava. From private to private.

Due to the urgency only:. Zwischen Alfazinha und Rocha Brava. Excellent 3 en-suite bedroom villa, in the heart of Quarteira, near Vilamoura, huge dining room, landscaped garden with fruit trees, 10 x 5 m pool, bathroom, BBQ.

Quarteira bei Vilamoura und dem bekannten Vale do Lobo. Grosses Ess- und Wohnzimmer, Garten m. Investment villa, converted into 3 x 2-bedr. With water, electricity and telephone. Mit Wasser, Strom und Telefon. Large detached Villa near Vilamoura: Finance available subject to status. Jetzt reduziert um dringend zu verkaufen! Envie email para detalhes. Text or email for details.

Mehr Infos per Email. No agents or intermediaries! Nur von Privat an Privat! Call after from 2pm to 8pm.

Tem que ser em zona traquila com pequeno terreno. Must be quiet area with a small plot of land. In ruhige Gegend mit kl. Ich zahle bar bis:. In southern Algarve, but not exclusive. Gentleman seeks a 1-store house, close to the centre, furnished, with a small garden with space for a dog.

Consideram-se todas as possibilidades. Land with project also considered. Will pay in cash up to:. Pictures, information per e-mail. Bilder, Infos, per Email. Farmhouse with sqm urban area and 6 hectares of agricultural land.

Property, 30 km from Beja, km from Lisbon, km from Albufeira, Anwesen, 30 km von Beja, km v. Ruin, in a quiet location, with sea and mountain views from the terrace. With mains water and sewage. Plot with sqm.

Farmhouse with a 2-bedroom stone built villa, situated in Minho, close to Gaia, 60 km from Porto, close to the A3 Road, with borehole and mains water, electricity, tarmac access, sqm covered area, with a 3, sqm plot. Exclusively with the owner. Reduced price due to crisis! Preis reduziert wegen Krise! Casa a precisar de algumas obras. House in need of some restore. Quinta renovada perto de Porches: Renovated farmhouse near Porches: Offers in the region of:.

Casa e terreno, aprox. House and plot, approx. Organic farm, 5,76 hectares, with sea views, 4 small holiday homes, dam, 2 fountains, stream water all year round, grassland, garden, lots of trees.

Small rural property with some land in West Algarve. Cash purchase pay up to K Euro. Bauernhof mit Land, in ruhiger Gegend. Senden Sie Infos per Email.

Casa velha e terreno com 10 hectares de sobreiros. Offers good conditions to create a dam. Rustic land - 1. Perfect for a wooden house or caravan. Luz passa em frente. Rustic plot for sale, 5 km from Albufeira. Ideal for a motor home, static van or wooden house. Adequado para casa de madeira, caravana ou roulote. Suitable for wooden house, caravan or RV. With good sun exposure. Paradise for sale, Mobile container home, with fantastic mountain rustic plot, Fantastic rustic plot, sqm, top mountain, sea views, paradise location, with mobile off grid container home, borehole.

Call for more information. Von Privat an Privat! Envio fotos por e-mail. Fantastic plot of land in quiet area with m2. Wooden house, 1 bedroom, in a sqm plot. Mit Strom und Wasser. Aceito autocaravana em troca. Rustic land, 20, sqm, good access, close to the beach, with a residential container 60 sqm , equipped. Will accept mobilehome as payment. Nehme Wohnmobil in Zahlung. Lindo terreno de Fica a 3 minutos de carro da Fuzeta e da Ria Formosa.

Autofahrt zur Fuseta und Ria Formosa. Altes Haus zum Wiederaufbau, mit ca. Ideal for siting wooden house. A 7 km norte de Tavira. Rustic plot, no buildings, with sqm, with electricity and good acess. Bom terreno para uma caravana, casa de madeira, com m2, vista mar e bom acesso.

Nice land for caravane, wooden house, with m2, with sea views and good access. Pequena casa de arrumos e caravanas. Little storage house and caravans. Will also exchange for small apartment or shop. Kann auch gegen kl. Wohnung oder Ladenraum getauscht werden. Rustic plot, sqm, 1,5 km from the Salema beach, electricity nearby, quiet area, with views to the golf course. Tem electricidade e bons acessos.

Land for a mobile home or wooden house. Agricultural part with water from borehole. With electricity and good access. Strom und gute Zufahrt. O terreno tem luz e bons acessos. The land has mains power and good access. Mit Strom und gute Zufahrt.

Plot with sqm, sea and mountain views, good access, no building permission. Good price and great opportunity. Gute Preis und hervorragende Gelegenheit. Flat agricultural land, fertile, with electricity and mains water m away. Em local sem vizinhos. A 7 km ao norte de Tavira, na beira serra. Land, sqm, 7 km North from Tavira, close to mountains. Envie email com detalhes. Wanted to buy a plot with 6.

All the adverts in Index C05 are commercial. Alle Anzeigen in Index C05 sind gewerblicher Art. Keine Anrufe oder sms. Vendo terreno com Land for sale with Alugo parqueamento para um carro. Parking space for rent. Plot along the Guadiana river, sqm, good accesses, Internet, private. Garage for sale, located in area with easy access, ground floor, close to center, 22,50 sqm area.

In a quiet location, with good access, well, garden, palm trees, fruit trees, surrounded by walls, 2 hillside terraces , beautiful sweeping views across the valley. Garage space for sale or exchange.

Encontra-se de momento em Portugal. German couple is looking to buy a rustic land. At the moment in Portugal.

Seeking land up to:. All the adverts in Index C08 are commercial. Alle Anzeigen in Index C08 sind gewerblicher Art. Excelente oportunidade para bed and breakfast. Good oportunity for bed and breakfast! Kleiner Laden in Silves. Com 10 anos de garantia. Luxury 2 room annex with kitchenette and bathroom. Clad in beautiful Algarve cork this portable building fits perfectly into any garden or rural setting.

Insulated to the highest of standards. German laminate flooring, LG airco, thermostatic shower, double glazing. Ready now for delivery. Visit us at containerconversions. Luxus 2-Zimmer-Anlage mit Kochnische und Bad. Pode ser instalada em qualquer lugar. Can be sited anywhere on the land.

Land is by negotiation. Free camping for motocaravanners amongst the orange groves of the Algarve between Messines and Algoz. Peaceful, quiet, secluded spot. Envie fotos por e-mail. Cash purchase pay up to Studio apartment, ground floor, furnished, with water and electrics. Por favor ligue a partir das 16h Please call after 4pm. Casa de campo, com vista para a Serra de Monchique, aluga-se ao ano ou por temporadas. Com ou sem mobilia. With or without furniture.

Well maintained 1-bedroom apartment, private secluded location, city sea views, garden, private parking, long term rent. T2, mobilado, aluga-se ao ano.

Electricity and water included. German and a little bit of English and Portuguese spoken. Strom und Wasser inkl. Spreche deutsch und nur wenig englisch und portugiesisch. Large studio apartment villa annex , with separate bathroom, kitchen, AC, for long-term let.

Rural setting, 10 min. Friendly German couple, all-rounder, early retired, seeks urgently an apartment with garden or terrace, for long term rental.

Available to undertake maintenance work and other tasks. Aluguer a longo prazo! Will rent only to responsible people with references. Animals, children, smokers welcome. Tiere, Kinder, Raucher willkommen. Cozinha equipada e moderna. Semi-detached house, refurbished, 3 bedrooms, wardrobes, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace, unfurnished, no garage, facing south, equipped modern kitchen.

Procuro pequeno apartamento para alugar ao ano a partir de Maio. Procura-se para arrendar casa ou apartamento T2 ou T3, mesmo que a precisar de obras, renda barata. Wanted for cheap rent: Procuro apartamento T2 para alugar. Looking for a 2-bedr.

Auf der Suche nach 2-Zimmer-Wohnung zu vermieten. Prefabricated 2-bedroom house for rent, with fenced plot, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen, for annual rent. Kleines separates Haus mit Wintergarten auf einer Quinta, 3.

Long-term rent, or sale. Langfristige zu vermieten oder zu verkaufen. Linda casa de campo, em aldeia privada, dormem pessoas, aluga-se por 6 meses a partir de Abril Villa with pool, large garden and small organic vegetable garden. Kitchen, pantry, large living room with fireplace, bedroom and bathroom. Casa T1, anexo de vivenda, em zona calma, toda mobilada, vidros duplos, redes mosquiteiras. Includes water and electricity.

Wasser und Strom inklusiv. Casa de campo com 2 quartos, mobilada, com piscina. Summer let, 2-bedroom furnished cottage with pool. Landhaus mit 2 SZ, Pool. Friendly German couple, all-rounder, early retired, seeks urgently a house with garden or terrace, for long term rental. Reliable and responsible tennant with referances and referals available. English and Portuguese speaking. Villa mit 2 bis 5 Zimmern, ab Avril.

Wir sprechen englisch und portugiesisch. Wanted to buy or rent: Close to a big city. To assemble or already assembled. Near the Algarve optional. Bramann, Vielanker Weg 4, Vielank. Periods from 6 to 8 months. Conditions to be agreed. Single storey house, 1 bedroom, in the countryside, with views to a lake, 5 km from Lagos, private and quiet location, with use of a plot for permaculture, water and electricity included, for long term rental.

Permakulture, Wasser und Strom inkl. Alugase quarto em casa desabitada. Oferta de TV Cabo e Internet ilimitada. Room for rent in uninhabited house.

With TV and Internet included. Zimmer zu vermieten auf unbewohntem Haus. Mit Kabel TV und Internet inkl.

Arrendo quarto com serventia de cozinha e internet, no centro. Room, in central location, for rent. Procuro quarto e Faro. Wanted a room to rent. Zimmer zu mieten gesucht. All the adverts in Index D08 are commercial. Alle Anzeigen in Index D08 sind gewerblicher Art. All the adverts in Index D05 are commercial. Alle Anzeigen in Index D05 sind gewerblicher Art. Old building, restored, storeroom with bathroom, attic, fenced garden, kitchen space, office.

Garagem, na baixa, vende-se. Garage, downtown, for sale. Lonely man, foreigner, shares a 3-bedroom house with a lady or couple. Partilha de quinta no Alentejo! Farm share in the Alentejo! Would anybody be interested: Free water, shared cost, electric, phone and internet. Suche Menschen, die Bauernhof im Alentejo teilen wollen. Hat jemand Interesse Wohnung zu besitzen. Wasser kostenlos, Kostenteilung f.

Strom, Telefon und Internet. Aluga-se casa e anexos, com terreno de House and outbuildings for rent, with a Studio apartment, near the beach, equipped, for holidays rental.

Light maintenance in exchange for rent. Kostenlose Unterkunft angeboten gegen kl. Arbeiten rund um Haus. Space to exchange for fenced plot in the countryside close to nature, with electricity. Conditions to be discussed. Pode ser em troca de ajuda na quinta. Space for caravans in a fenced farm, with water and electricity, good neighborhood, in a quiet and safe place. Can be in exchange for help in the farm.

Ideal for a motor home. I am renting a site to house a mobile home or caravan in the beautiful quiet countryside between Ferragudo and Carvoeiro. Flexible conditions, reasonable prices. With seaview, water, electricity preferred. Bervorzugt mit Meerblick, Wasser und Strom. Wanted somebody who wants to live in a small Eco Community, Eco-friendly building as their home, veg gardens, a really inexpensive way to live.

Eine wirklich preiswerte Lebensart. Excluo a zona de Sagres. T1 ou T2 totalmente equipados, alugam-se aos dias, semanas, quinzenas. Do you have a holiday home or apartment and would like to increase your rentals?

We promote your holiday home all over Europe. An antidote to western theatre rituals, its head-on approach, its frequency, its power struggle. Thus we will be in a confined space, without seat rows or a stage.

Close to one another. Trained in the visual arts, and with a solid grounding in ballet, she won her first pole dance competition in Manila, in This led to her touring her show to a number of major cities around the world. O seu trabalho abrange deajudar a dar um sentido a tudo o quecada lhe aconteceu. It is an intelligent and yet simple The American Stephen Dwoskin was born in story that recreates the tone of the timeless classics. His ing an intimate and performative relation between work embraces design, photography, music and pub- those who watch and those who are watched.

Nasceu e vive no Porto. She is a Psychodram- da floresta tropical. Portuguese colonialists, inspired by a vague civilizing mission, disembarked in a remote area of the Eisa Jocson is a choreographer and dancer from Congo River to set up a trading post. As time goes the Philippines. He gs of mutual distrust and misunderstandings with currently owns a sex shop. One day,em Elizabeth dise Sexologista.

Trabalha fundamentalmente em psicovers that Manon also has a lover. A show that is a sort of manual for the single traveller, whilst it also speaks of the Portuguese restlessness that we know so well - that of leaving; and, once out there, that of wanting to come back, so one might leave again, driven by this thing that compels us to go on kilometre after kilometre after kilometre, without stopping. The Teatro do Vestido collective was founded in and has produced 36 different works, to date.

It also well-known for its strong relationship with a variety of performance spaces and for the development of initiatives designed to create a community of attentive spectators, immersed in a contemplation of reality. Under the artistic direction of Joana Craveiro, the company also engages in collaborative work.

O interlocutor original desaparece. O espectador assume o seu lugar, faz as vezes de parceiro mudo. Doutoranda em estudos teatrais e performativos na Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Coimbra. She has directed over 20 plays. He is a tireless researcher of the mechanisms of dance music and the sub-genres of the rave culture of the s. He is generally acclaimed as one of the most solid, unique and unmissable performers of the new generation of musical explorers.

His work synthesises the rhythms and melodic structures that define such genres as techno and trance, on which a major part of his musical structure is based. This creative project, which cut across an entire century of modern and contemporary drama, ran from January to December at the Porto Municipal Theatre.

This involved staging 11 different plays. Ou espectadores de um plateau de cinema tornado cena de teatro. Dina has been composing for four decades, covering everything from protest songs to rock, via pop, folk and funk. To mark her year long career, the performers, accompanied by a band formed especially for the occasion, offer a contemporary reinterpretation of her repertoire, which has been relatively inconspicuous, with the exception of a few big hits.

Unpublished poems by the guest poet, writings based on newspaper headlines. Some of the topics to be addressed: Cardoso, Marcos Barbo- mension. Ainda como aluno, foi criador-in- Approach Programme to Performing Arts.

A juntar a isto, Ludmila, num encontro casual, conhece Raskolnikov, protagonista de Crime e Castigo, romance de Dostoievsky. Musa Ramelov, nutricionista do Czar. From her very first day there, Ludmila, a middling matryoshka, becomes the favourite disciple of the philanthropist and feminist Filosofova. This traditional bread soon becomes as important a temptation as seal meat had once been. Their aim, in is to bring the sublime art that is music to a wider audience.

Contratempus produces and plays contemporary musical works and has collaborated with numerous composers, librettists and directors. Artists in the midst of scientists, the choreographer and visual artist A show created in a residency at fully immersed for months in a universe CERN — European Organization for of numbers and abstractions.

Composed Nuclear Research — based on the strong of four lamps swinging in a constant cir- link between physics and dance. Thanks to his radical artistic reographers. Whether leaning towards the saturated ambiences of heavy genres or working the syncope of dance in sonic saturation mode, this British foursome have made records and played concerts that are renowned for their ability to smash down barriers and redefine concepts.

Emanuel de Sousa was born in Espinho in An architect and theatre director, his research in critical spatial practices, combines the fields of art, architecture and performing arts. E o Anjo disse-me: Para onde foram as perguntas? She is a director, actress and playwright. Daniel is one of the most prominent Portuguese pianists of his generation.

What kind of body is this, which, to exist, must be made artificial — physically, aesthetically and symbolically? In this performative, but essentially visual, space, art is made, art is mixed, Profissional. Costi sees himself as a hero, a crime varian melodrama to a Hitchcockian thriller, and fighter and protector of the oppressed.

Although sceptical at the beginning, Costi Girlfirend explores these themes, but does so from cannot resist the temptation. Typical fast food dishes include the francesinha from Porto, and bifanas grilled pork or prego grilled beef sandwiches, which are well known around the country.

The Portuguese art of pastry has its origins in Middle-Ages Catholic monasteries widely spread across the country. Portuguese cuisine is very diverse, with different regions having their own traditional dishes.

The Portuguese have a culture of good food and throughout the country there are myriad good restaurants and small typical tascas. Portuguese wines have deserved international recognition since the times of the Roman Empire, which associated Portugal with their god Bacchus. Today the country is known by wine lovers and its wines have won several international prizes.

Some of the best Portuguese wines are: Port Wine is well known around the world and the most widely known wine type in the world[citation needed]. The Douro wine region is the oldest in the world[citation needed]. Music of Portugal Mariza, a fado singer Portuguese music encompasses a wide variety of genres. The most renowned is fado, a melancholy urban music, usually associated with the Portuguese guitar and saudade, or longing. Coimbra fado, a unique type of fado, is also noteworthy.

In addition to fado and folk, the Portuguese listen to pop and other types of modern music, particularly from North America and the United Kingdom, as well as a wide range of Portuguese and Brazilian artists and bands. Out of the summer season, Portugal has a large number of festivals, designed more to an urban audience, like Flowfest or Hip Hop Porto.

Furthermore, one of the largest international Goa trance festivals takes place in central Portugal every two years, the Boom Festival, that is also the only festival in Portugal to win international awards: There is also the student festivals of Queima das Fitas are major events in a number of cities across Portugal. Fandango is one of the most popular regional dances. The indie and alternative rock movements are also popular in Portugal. For example, Finished With My Ex is a Portuguese independent music duo, whose genres variate from Alternative rock, garage rock to electronic rock, acoustic, industrial rock, formed in in Braga.

The group consists of singer-songwriter Bruce Buckley vocals, multi-instrumentalism and guitarist Chris guitar, multi-instrumentalism. The 20th century saw the arrival of Modernism, and along with it came the most prominent Portuguese painters: Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, who was heavily influenced by French painters, particularly by the Delaunays. He was deeply influenced by both Cubist and Futurist trends. Surfing and bodyboarding are very popular in Portugal.

Football is the most popular sport in Portugal. There are several football competitions ranging from local amateur to world-class professional level. They have 12 titles won in the European UEFA club competitions, were present in many finals and have been regular contenders in the last stages almost every season. Other than football, many Portuguese sports clubs, including the "big three", compete in several other sports events with a varying level of success and popularity, these may include roller hockey, basketball, futsal, handball, and volleyball.

Portugal has a successful roller hockey team, with 15 world titles and 20 European titles, making it the country with the most wins in both competitions. The Portuguese national rugby union team made a dramatic qualification into the Rugby World Cup and became the first all amateur team to qualify for the World Cup since the dawn of the professional era. The Portuguese national rugby sevens team has performed well, becoming one of the strongest teams in Europe, and proved their status as European champions in several occasions.

In athletics, the Portuguese have won a number of gold, silver and bronze medals in the European, World and Olympic Games competitions. The country has also achieved notable performances in sports like fencing, judo, kitesurf, rowing, sailing, surfing, shooting, triathlon and windsurf, owning several European and world titles. The paralympic athletes have also conquered many medals in sports like swimming, boccia and wrestling. In motorsport, Portugal is internationally noted for the Rally of Portugal, and the Estoril, Algarve Circuits and the revived Porto Street Circuit which holds a stage of the WTCC every two years, as well as for a number of internationally noted pilots in varied motorsports.

In swimming sports, Portugal has two major sports: Northern Portugal has its own original martial art, Jogo do Pau, in which the fighters use staffs to confront one or several opponents. Other popular sport-related recreational outdoor activities with thousands of enthusiasts nationwide include airsoft, fishing, golf, hiking, hunting and orienteering.

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Land of Mysteries] 3rd ed. Viriato, A Luta pela Liberdade [Viriato: The Struggle for Liberty] 3rd ed. History of Portugal From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: In the 15th and 16th centuries, it ascended to the status of a world power during Europe's "Age of Discovery" as it built up a vast empire including possessions in South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

In the next two centuries, Portugal gradually lost much of its wealth and status as the Dutch, English and French took an increasing share of the spice and slave trades the economic basis of its empire , by surrounding or conquering the widely-scattered Portuguese trading posts and territories, leaving it with ever fewer resources to defend its overseas interests.

Signs of military decline began with two disastrous battles: The country was further weakened by the destruction of much of its capital city in a earthquake, occupation during the Napoleonic Wars and the loss of its largest colony, Brazil, in From the middle of the 19th century to the late s, nearly two-million Portuguese left Europe to live in Brazil and the United States U. Amid corruption, repression of the church, and the near bankruptcy of the state, a military coup in installed a dictatorship that remained until another coup in The new government instituted sweeping democratic reforms and granted independence to all of Portugal's African colonies in It entered the European Community now the European Union in Cale was the name of an early settlement located at the mouth of the Douro River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean in the north of what is now Portugal.

The name Portucale evolved into Portugale during the 7th and 8th centuries, and by the 9th century, that term was used extensively to refer to the region between the rivers Douro and Minho, the Minho flowing along what would become the northern border between Portugal and Spain.

By the 11th and 12th century, Portugale was already referred to as Portugal. The etymology of the name Cale is mysterious, as is the identity of the town's founders. Still others have claimed that Cale originated in the language of the Gallaeci people indigenous to the surrounding region see below. Others argue that Cale[2] is a Celtic name like many others found in the region. The word cale or cala, would mean 'port', an 'inlet' or 'harbour,' and implied the existence of an older Celtic harbour.

Another theory claims it derives from Caladunum. The region of present-day Portugal was inhabited by Neanderthals and then by Homo sapiens, who roamed the border-less region of the northern Iberian peninsula. Neolithic Portugal experimented with domestication of herding animals, the raising of some cereal crops and pluvial or marine fishing. There were in the southern part the country, some small, semi-permanent commercial coastal settlements founded by Phoenicians-Carthaginians such as Tavira, in the Algarve.

According to John Koch,[6] Cunliffe, Karl, Wodtko and other scholars, Celtic culture may have developed first in far Southern Portugal and Southwestern Spain, approximately years prior to anything recorded in Central Europe.

Koch has claimed to be able to translate, is being accepted by a number of philologists and other linguists as the first attested Celtic language,[6][9][10] but the linguistic mainstream continues to treat Tartessian as an unclassified Pre-Indo-European? Within years, almost the entire peninsula had been annexed to the Roman Republic. The Carthaginians, Rome's adversary in the Punic Wars, were expelled from their coastal colonies. The Roman conquest of what is now part of modern day Portugal took several decades: It suffered a severe setback in BC, when a rebellion began in the north.

The Lusitanians and other native tribes, under the leadership of Viriathus, wrested control of all of the Portuguese land. Rome sent numerous legions and its best generals to Lusitania to quell the rebellion, but to no avail — the Lusitanians kept conquering territory. The Roman leaders decided to change their strategy. They bribed Viriathus's ambassador to kill his own leader. Viriathus was assassinated, and the resistance was soon over.

Rome installed a colonial regime. During this period, Lusitania grew in prosperity and many of modern day Portugal's cities and towns were founded. The complete Romanization of Portugal, intensified during the rule of Augustus, took three centuries and was stronger in Southern Portugal, most of which were administrative dependencies of the Roman city of Pax Julia, currently known as Beja. Augustus renamed it Pax Augusta, but the early name prevailed.

In 27 BC, Lusitania gained the status of Roman province. Later, a northern province of Lusitania was formed, known as Gallaecia, with capital in Bracara Augusta, today's Braga.

Numerous Roman sites are scattered around present-day Portugal, some urban remains are quite large, like Conimbriga and Mirobriga. Several works of engineering, such as baths, temples, bridges, roads, circus, theatres and layman's homes are preserved throughout the country. Coins, some of which coined in Portuguese land, sarcophagus and ceramics are numerous. Contemporary historians include Paulus Orosius c.

Visigoths and Suevi Germanic kingdoms in Iberia, In the early 5th century, Germanic tribes invaded the peninsula, namely the Suevi, the Vandals Silingi and Hasdingi and their allies, the Sarmatian Alans. Only the kingdom of the Suevi Quadi and Marcomanni endured after the arrival of another wave of Germanic invaders, the Visigoths, who conquered all of the Iberian Peninsula and expelled or partially integrated the Vandals and the Alans.

The Visigoths eventually conquered the Suevi kingdom and its capital city Bracara in — The Germanic tribe of the Buri also accompanied the Suevi in their invasion of the Iberian Peninsula and colonization of Gallaecia modern northern Portugal and Galicia. Many of the ousted Gothic nobles took refuge in the unconquered north Asturian highlands. From there they aimed to reconquer their lands from the Moors: The county was then known as Portucale i.

Portugal gained its first de jure independence as the Kingdom of Galicia and Portugal in under the rule of Garcia II. Because of feudal power struggles, Portuguese and Galician nobles rebelled. In , Portugal separated almost completely from the Kingdom of Galicia. Its territories consisting largely of mountain, moorland and forest were bounded on the north by the Minho, on the south by the Mondego River. At the end of the 11th century, the Burgundian knight Henry became count of Portugal and defended his independence, merging the County of Portucale and the County of Coimbra.

Henry died without achieving his aims. His son, Afonso Henriques, took control of the county. The city of Braga, the unofficial Catholic centre of the Iberian Peninsula, faced new competition from other regions.

Lords of the cities of Coimbra and Porto then Portucale with Braga's clergy demanded the independence of the renewed county. Afonso proclaimed himself first Prince of Portugal and in the first King of Portugal. By , with the assistance of a representative of the Holy See at the conference of Zamora, Portugal was formally recognized as independent, with the prince recognized as Dux Portucalensis.

In Afonso I was declared, by the Pope, as king. Later, when Portugal was already officially independent, he ruled from Coimbra. History of Portugal — From to the Algarve, the southernmost region, was finally re-conquered by Portugal from the Moors.

In the capital shifted to Lisbon. The border with Spain has remained almost unchanged since the 13th century. The Treaty of Windsor created an alliance between Portugal and England that remains in effect to this day.

Since early times, fishing and overseas commerce have been the main economic activities. Henry the Navigator's interest in exploration together with some technological developments in navigation made Portugal's expansion possible and led to great advances in geographic, mathematical, scientific knowledge and technology, more specifically naval technology.

Portugal in the period of discoveries and Portuguese Empire Portuguese discoveries and explorations: The disputed discovery of Australia is not shown. During the 15th and 16th centuries, Portugal was a leading European power, ranking with England, France and Spain in terms of economic, political, and cultural influence. Though not predominant in European affairs, Portugal did have an extensive colonial trading empire throughout the world backed by a powerful thalassocracy.

Uninhabited Madeira Island was colonized by the Portuguese in A Portuguese expedition may have attempted to colonize the Canary Islands as early as , but Castile objected to any claim by the Portuguese to the Canary Islands. Castile began its conquest of the Canaries in Castile expelled the last Portuguese from the Canary islands The Canary Islands would eventually be part of the Spanish Empire.

The trip marked the beginning of the Portuguese exploration of Africa. Before the turn, very little information was known in Europe about what lay around the cape. At the end of the 13th century and the beginning of the 14th, those who tried to venture there became lost, which gave birth to legends of sea monsters. Also, in in a military expedition to Tangier, the Portuguese were defeated.

However, the Portuguese did not give up their exploratory efforts. In , on a small island known as Arguim off the coast of Mauritania, an important castle was built, working as a feitoria, a trading post, for commerce with inland Africa.

Some years before the first African gold was brought to Portugal, circumventing the Arab caravans that crossed the Sahara. Some time later, the caravels explored the Gulf of Guinea which lead to the discovery of several uninhabited islands: Immediately following Henry's death, there was a lapse of further exploration.

Henry's patronage of explorations had shown that profits could be made in trade which followed the exploration of new lands. Accordingly when exploration was commenced again private merchants led the way in attempting to stretch trade routes further down the African coast.

Setting sail aboard the fleet of ships taking the materials and building crews to Elmina on this trip in December was Christopher Columbus. Some historians have claimed that the Portuguese had already performed fairly accurate calculations concerning the size of the world and therefore knew that sailing west to reach the Indies would require a far longer journey than navigating to the east. However, this continues to be debated.

Thus began a long-lasting dispute which eventually resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas with Spain in Map of Brazil issued by the Portuguese explorers in Indeed the name of the cape stems from this promise of rich trade with the east. In , the King of Bemobi gave his realms to the Portuguese king and became Christian.

Vasco da Gama sailed for India, and arrived at Calicut on 20 May , returning in glory to Portugal the next year. On April 22, , they caught sight of land in the distance. This was the coast of what would later become the Portuguese colony of Brazil.

Trade with the east had effectively been cut off since the fall of Constantinople in Accordingly, Cabral turned from exploring the coasts of the new land of Brazil and sailed to the southeast back across the Atlantic and around the Cape of Good Hope. Cabral reached Sofala on the east coast of Africa in July No longer would the Islamic occupation of Constantinople form a barrier between Europe and the east. Ten years later in , Afonso de Albuquerque after attempting and failing to capture and occupy Zamorin's Calicut militarily, conquered Goa on the west coast of India.

In , Francisco de Almeida was engaged to improve the Portuguese trade with the far east. Accordingly, he sailed to East Africa. Several small Islamic states along the coast of Mozambique, Kilwa, Brava and Mombasa were destroyed or became subjects or allies of Portugal. The two million Portuguese people ruled a vast empire with many millions of inhabitants in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

From , the Portuguese had reached China and Japan. Hormuz, in the Persian Gulf, was seized by Afonso de Albuquerque in , who also entered into diplomatic relations with Persia. In , a force under Antonio Correia conquered Bahrain ushering in a period of almost 80 years of Portuguese rule of the Persian Gulf archipelago[41] for further information see Bahrain as a Portuguese dominion.

East of Malacca Albuquerque sent Duarte Fernandes as envoy to Siam now Thailand in , and dispatched to the Moluccas two expeditions , , which founded the Portuguese dominion in Maritime Southeast Asia. Japan, accidentally reached by three Portuguese traders in , soon attracted large numbers of merchants and missionaries. In one of the ships in the expedition that Ferdinand Magellan organized in the Spanish service completed the first voyage around the world. By the end of the 15th century, Portugal expelled some local Jews, along with those refugees that came from Castile and Aragon after In addition, many Jews were forcibly converted to Catholicism and remained as Conversos.

Many Jews remained secretly Jewish, in danger of persecution by the Portuguese Inquisition. In , 3, "New Christians" were massacred in Lisbon. The late king's elderly granduncle, Cardinal Henry, became king. The Spanish and Portuguese Empires came under a single rule. This did not, however, end resistance to Spanish rule. The Prior of Crato held out in the Azores until , and continued to actively seek to recover the throne until his death in Impostors claimed to be King Sebastian in , , and After the 16th century, Portugal gradually saw its wealth decreasing.

Portugal was officially an autonomous state, but, in actuality, the country was under the rule of the Spanish from to England had been an ally of Portugal since the Treaty of Windsor in War between Spain and England led to a deterioration of the relations with Portugal's oldest ally, and the loss of Hormuz. In , the Dutch seized Salvador, the capital of Brazil. The Dutch intrusion into Brazil was long lasting and troublesome to Portugal.

This was reversed, beginning with a major Spanish-Portuguese military operation in This laid the foundations for the recovery of remaining Dutch controlled areas.

The other smaller, less developed areas were recovered in stages and relieved of Dutch piracy in the next two decades by local resistance and Portuguese expeditions. After the dissolution of the Iberian Union in , Portugal would reestablish its authority over some lost territories of the Portuguese Empire.

Portuguese Restoration War At home, life was calm and serene with the first two Spanish kings; they maintained Portugal's status, gave excellent positions to Portuguese nobles in the Spanish courts, and Portugal maintained an independent law, currency and government. It was even proposed to move the Spanish capital to Lisbon. Because of this, as well as the general strain on the finances of the Spanish throne as a result of the Thirty Years War, on 1 December , the Duke of Braganza, one of the great native noblemen and a descendant of King Manuel I, was proclaimed king as John IV, and a war of independence against Spain was launched.

Ceuta governors did not accept the new king; they maintained their allegiance to Spain. Although Portugal had substantially attained its independence in , the Spanish continued to try to reassert their control for the next twenty-eight years, only accepting Portuguese independence in In the 17th century the Portuguese emigrated in large numbers to Brazil.

By , John V prohibited emigration, since Portugal had lost a sizable fraction of its population. Brazil was elevated to a vice-kingdom. This copper engraving shows the ruins of Lisbon in flames and a tsunami overwhelming the ships in the harbor. We bury the dead and feed the living. They represent the world's first quake-proof buildings. Joseph refused to accept this and protested that his alliance with Britain was no threat.

In spring Spanish troops invaded Portugal from the north as far as the Douro, while a second column captured Almeida and threatened to advance on Lisbon. British intervention in the Peninsular War restored Portuguese independence, the last French troops being expelled in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, was the Portuguese capital between and In constitutionalist insurrections took place at Oporto 24 August and Lisbon 15 September.

Lisbon regained its status as the capital of Portugal when Brazil declared its independence from Portugal in The death of John VI in led to a crisis of royal succession. Dissatisfaction at Pedro's constitutional reforms led the "absolutist" faction of landowners and the church to proclaim Miguel as king in February This led to the Liberal Wars in which Pedro, eventually forced Miguel to abdicate and go into exile in , and placed his daughter on throne as Queen Maria II.

In the British government made an ultimatum delivered on 11 January , to Portugal, forcing the retreat of Portuguese military forces in the land between the Portuguese colonies of Mozambique and Angola most of present-day Zimbabwe and Zambia. The area had been claimed by Portugal, which had included it in its "Pink Map", but this clashed with British aspirations to create a railroad link between Cairo and Cape Town, thereby linking its colonies from the north of Africa to the very south.

This diplomatic clash leading to several waves of protest, prompted the downfall of the Portuguese government. The British Ultimatum was considered by Portuguese historians and politics at that time, the most outrageous and infamous action of the British against her oldest ally.

As a result, it is difficult to attempt a global synthesis of the republican period in view of the important gaps that still persist in our knowledge of its political history. This historian posited the Jacobin and urban nature of the revolution carried out by the Portuguese Republican Party PRP and claimed that the PRP had turned the republican regime into a de facto dictatorship.

Scarcely had the provisional government been installed when it began devoting its entire attention to an anti-religious policy, in spite of a disastrous economic situation. On 10 October — five days after the inauguration of the Republic — the new government decreed that all convents, monasteries and all religious orders were to be suppressed.

All religious were expelled and their goods confiscated. The Jesuits were forced to forfeit their Portuguese citizenship. A series of anti-Catholic laws and decrees followed each other in rapid succession. On 3 November, a law legalizing divorce was passed; then laws recognizing the legitimacy of children born outside wedlock, authorizing cremation, secularizing cemeteries, suppressing religious teaching in the schools and prohibiting the wearing of the cassock, were passed.

In addition, the ringing of church bells and times of worship were subjected to certain restraints, and the public celebration of religious feasts was suppressed. The government even interfered with the seminaries, reserving the right to name the professors and determine the programs.

This whole series of laws authored by Afonso Costa culminated in the law of Separation of Church and State, which was passed on 20 April A republican constitution was approved in , inaugurating a parliamentary regime with reduced presidential powers and two chambers of parliament. Even the PRP had to endure the secession of its more moderate elements, who formed conservative republican parties like the Evolutionist party and the Republican Union. In spite of these splits, the PRP, led by Afonso Costa, preserved its dominance, largely due to a brand of clientelist politics inherited from the monarchy.

Nevertheless, an essay by Vasco Pulido Valente should be consulted a , as should the attempt to establish the political, social, and economic context made by M. Quite the opposite occurred: Sidonismo, also known as Dezembrismo English "Decemberism" , aroused a strong interest among historians, largely as a result of the elements of modernity that it contained.

The state carved out an economically interventionist role for itself while, at the same time, repressing working-class movements and leftist republicans. After a series of clashes the monarchists were definitively chased from Oporto on 13 February This military victory allowed the PRP to return to government and to emerge triumphant from the elections held later that year, having won the usual absolute majority.

The president used his new power to resolve a crisis of government in May , naming a liberal[disambiguation needed] government the Liberal party being the result of the postwar fusion of Evolutionists and Unionists to prepare the forthcoming elections. These were held on 10 July , with victory going, as was usually the case, to the party in power. However, liberal government did not last long.

A new round of elections on 29 January inaugurated a fresh period of stability: Discontent with this situation had not, however, disappeared. At the same time, moreover, all political parties suffered from growing internal factionalism, especially the PRP itself.

The party system was fractured and discredited. Between and there were forty-five governments. Many different formulas were attempted, including singleparty governments, coalitions, and presidential executives, but none succeeded.

Force was clearly the sole means open to the opposition if the PRP wanted to enjoy the fruits of power. By the mids the domestic and international scenes began to favour another authoritarian solution, wherein a strengthened executive might restore political and social order.

for this

In a broader story that recreates the tone of the timeless classics. Um dia, Pierre copoder. An antidote to western theatre rituals, its head-on approach, its frequency, its power struggle. Thus we will be in a confined space, without seat rows or a stage. Close to one another. Trained in the visual arts, and with a solid grounding in ballet, she won her first pole dance competition in Manila, in This led to her touring her show to a number of major cities around the world. O seu trabalho abrange deajudar a dar um sentido a tudo o quecada lhe aconteceu.

It is an intelligent and yet simple The American Stephen Dwoskin was born in story that recreates the tone of the timeless classics. His ing an intimate and performative relation between work embraces design, photography, music and pub- those who watch and those who are watched. Nasceu e vive no Porto. She is a Psychodram- da floresta tropical. Portuguese colonialists, inspired by a vague civilizing mission, disembarked in a remote area of the Eisa Jocson is a choreographer and dancer from Congo River to set up a trading post.

As time goes the Philippines. He gs of mutual distrust and misunderstandings with currently owns a sex shop. One day,em Elizabeth dise Sexologista. Trabalha fundamentalmente em psicovers that Manon also has a lover. A show that is a sort of manual for the single traveller, whilst it also speaks of the Portuguese restlessness that we know so well - that of leaving; and, once out there, that of wanting to come back, so one might leave again, driven by this thing that compels us to go on kilometre after kilometre after kilometre, without stopping.

The Teatro do Vestido collective was founded in and has produced 36 different works, to date. It also well-known for its strong relationship with a variety of performance spaces and for the development of initiatives designed to create a community of attentive spectators, immersed in a contemplation of reality. Under the artistic direction of Joana Craveiro, the company also engages in collaborative work. O interlocutor original desaparece. O espectador assume o seu lugar, faz as vezes de parceiro mudo.

Doutoranda em estudos teatrais e performativos na Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Coimbra. She has directed over 20 plays. He is a tireless researcher of the mechanisms of dance music and the sub-genres of the rave culture of the s. He is generally acclaimed as one of the most solid, unique and unmissable performers of the new generation of musical explorers.

His work synthesises the rhythms and melodic structures that define such genres as techno and trance, on which a major part of his musical structure is based.

This creative project, which cut across an entire century of modern and contemporary drama, ran from January to December at the Porto Municipal Theatre. This involved staging 11 different plays. Ou espectadores de um plateau de cinema tornado cena de teatro. Dina has been composing for four decades, covering everything from protest songs to rock, via pop, folk and funk.

To mark her year long career, the performers, accompanied by a band formed especially for the occasion, offer a contemporary reinterpretation of her repertoire, which has been relatively inconspicuous, with the exception of a few big hits. Unpublished poems by the guest poet, writings based on newspaper headlines. Some of the topics to be addressed: Cardoso, Marcos Barbo- mension.

Ainda como aluno, foi criador-in- Approach Programme to Performing Arts. A juntar a isto, Ludmila, num encontro casual, conhece Raskolnikov, protagonista de Crime e Castigo, romance de Dostoievsky. Musa Ramelov, nutricionista do Czar. From her very first day there, Ludmila, a middling matryoshka, becomes the favourite disciple of the philanthropist and feminist Filosofova. This traditional bread soon becomes as important a temptation as seal meat had once been. Their aim, in is to bring the sublime art that is music to a wider audience.

Contratempus produces and plays contemporary musical works and has collaborated with numerous composers, librettists and directors.

Artists in the midst of scientists, the choreographer and visual artist A show created in a residency at fully immersed for months in a universe CERN — European Organization for of numbers and abstractions. Composed Nuclear Research — based on the strong of four lamps swinging in a constant cir- link between physics and dance. Thanks to his radical artistic reographers.

Whether leaning towards the saturated ambiences of heavy genres or working the syncope of dance in sonic saturation mode, this British foursome have made records and played concerts that are renowned for their ability to smash down barriers and redefine concepts. Emanuel de Sousa was born in Espinho in An architect and theatre director, his research in critical spatial practices, combines the fields of art, architecture and performing arts.

E o Anjo disse-me: Para onde foram as perguntas? She is a director, actress and playwright. Daniel is one of the most prominent Portuguese pianists of his generation. What kind of body is this, which, to exist, must be made artificial — physically, aesthetically and symbolically? In this performative, but essentially visual, space, art is made, art is mixed, Profissional. They represent the world's first quakeproof buildings[citation needed]. As his power grew, his enemies increased in number, and bitter disputes with the high nobility became frequent.

In Joseph I was wounded in an attempted assassination. The Jesuits were expelled from the country and their assets confiscated by the crown. This was the final stroke that broke the power of the aristocracy and ensured the victory of the Minister against his enemies. Based upon his swift resolve, Joseph I made his loyal minister Count of Oeiras in Maria I of Portugal as princess of Brazil. In Spain invaded Portuguese territory as part of the Seven Years' War, however by the status-quo between Spain and Portugal before the war had been restored.

Pombal died peacefully on his estate at Pombal in In the autumn of , Napoleon moved French troops through Spain to invade Portugal. From to , British-Portuguese forces would successfully fight against the French invasion of Portugal, while the royal family and the Portuguese nobility, including Maria I, relocated to the Portuguese territory of Brazil, at that time a colony of the Portuguese Empire, in South America.

This episode is known as the Transfer of the Portuguese Court to Brazil. This decline was hastened by the independence in of the country's largest colonial possession, Brazil. Due to the change in its status and the arrival of the Portuguese royal family, Brazilian administrative, civic, economical, military, educational, and scientific apparatus were expanded and highly modernized. However, the King of Portugal remained in Brazil until the Liberal Revolution of , which started in Porto, demanded his return to Lisbon in Thus he returned to Portugal but left his son Pedro in charge of Brazil.

When the king attempted the following year to return the Kingdom of Brazil to subordinate status as a principality, his son Pedro, with the overwhelming support of the Brazilian elites, declared Brazil's independence from Portugal. Cisplatina today's sovereign state of Uruguay , in the south, was one of the last additions to the territory of Brazil under Portuguese rule. Portugal's claim of sovereingty over the lands between Portuguese Angola and Portuguese Mozambique.

At the height of European colonialism in the 19th century, Portugal had already lost its territory in South America and all but a few bases in Asia. During this phase, Portuguese colonialism focused on expanding its outposts in Africa into nation-sized territories to compete with other European powers there. With the Conference of Berlin of , Portuguese Africa territories had their borders formally established on request of Portugal in order to protect the centuries-long Portuguese interests in the continent from rivalries enticed by the Scramble for Africa.

Even before the turn of the 20th century, railway tracks as the Benguela railway in Angola, and the Beira railway in Mozambique, started to be built to link coastal areas and selected inland regions. Other episodes during this period of the Portuguese presence in Africa include the British Ultimatum.

This forced the Portuguese military to retreat from the land between the Portuguese colonies of Mozambique and Angola most of present-day Zimbabwe and Zambia , which had been claimed by Portugal and included in its "Pink Map," which clashed with British aspirations to create a Cape to Cairo Railway. Under his rule, Portugal was twice declared bankrupt — on 14 June , and again on 10 May — causing social turmoil, economic disturbances, protests, revolts and criticism of the monarchy.

Manuel II of Portugal become the new king, but was eventually overthrown by the 5 October revolution, which abolished the regime and instated republicanism in Portugal.

Gradually, new economic development projects and relocation of white mainland Portuguese citizens into the overseas colonies in Africa were initiated, with Angola and Mozambique, as the largest and richest overseas territories, being the main targets of those initiatives.

After India attained independence in , pro-Indian residents of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, with the support of the Indian government and the help of pro-independence organisations, liberated the territories of Dadra and Nagar Haveli from Portuguese rule in Another forcible retreat from overseas territories occurred in December when Portugal refused to relinquish the territories of Goa, Daman and Diu.

As a result, the Portuguese army and navy were involved in armed conflict in its colony of Portuguese India against the Indian Armed Forces. The operations resulted in the defeat of the limited Portuguese defensive garrison, which was forced to surrender to a much larger military force. The outcome was the loss of the remaining Portuguese territories in the Indian subcontinent.

The Portuguese regime refused to recognize Indian sovereignty over the annexed territories, which continued to be represented in Portugal's National Assembly until the military coup of Also in the early s, independence movements in the Portuguese overseas provinces of Angola, Mozambique and Guinea in Africa, resulted in the Portuguese Colonial War — , that would only end in after a military coup in Lisbon — the Carnation Revolution.

Throughout the colonial war period Portugal had to deal with increasing dissent, arms embargoes and other punitive sanctions imposed by most of the international community. This period was characterized by social turmoil and power disputes between left- and right-wing political forces. The retreat from the overseas territories and the acceptance of its independence terms by Portuguese head representatives for overseas negotiations, which would create independent states in most notably the People's Republic of Angola and the People's Republic of Mozambique , prompted a mass exodus of Portuguese citizens from Portugal's African territories mostly from Portuguese Angola and Mozambique.

Over a million destitute Portuguese refugees fled the former Portuguese colonies. By , all the Portuguese African territories were independent and Portugal held its first democratic elections in 50 years. However, the country continued to be governed by a military-civilian provisional administration until the Portuguese legislative election of that took place on 25 April, exactly one year after the previous election, and two years after the Carnation Revolution.

In this capacity Soares tried to resume the economic growth and development record that had been achieved before the Carnation Revolution, during the last decade of the previous regime. On the other hand, he initiated the process of adhesion to the European Economic Community EEC by starting adhesion negotiations as early as However, the country bounced between socialism and adherence to the neoliberal model.

Land reform and nationalizations were enforced; the Portuguese Constitution approved in was rewritten in order to accommodate socialist and communist principles. Until the constitutional revisions of and , the constitution was a highly charged ideological document with numerous references to socialism, the rights of workers, and the desirability of a socialist economy. Portugal's economic situation after its transition to democracy, obliged the government to pursue International Monetary Fund IMF -monitored stabilization programs in —78 and — In , the independence of East Timor Asia was formally recognized by Portugal, after an incomplete decolonization process that was started in because of the Carnation Revolution.

On 26 March , Portugal started to implement Schengen Area rules, eliminating border controls with other Schengen members while simultaneously strengthening border controls with non-member states. Expo '98 took place in Portugal and in it was one of the founding countries of the euro and the Eurozone.

The territory of Portugal includes an area in the Iberian Peninsula referred to as the continent by most Portuguese and two archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean: Mainland Portugal is split by its main river, the Tagus that flows from Spain and disgorges in Tagus Estuary, near Lisbon, before escaping into the Atlantic.

The northern landscape is mountainous towards the interior with several plateaus indented by river valleys, whereas the south, that includes the Algarve and the Alentejo regions, is characterized by rolling plains.

Portugal's highest peak is the similarly named Mount Pico on the island of Pico in the Azores. This ancient volcano, which measures 2, m 7, ft is a highly iconic symbol of the Azores, while the Serra da Estrela on the mainland the summit being 1, m 6, ft above sea level is an important seasonal attraction for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts.

The archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores are scattered within the Atlantic Ocean: Geologically, these islands were formed by volcanic and seismic events, although the last terrestrial volcanic eruption occurred in —58 Capelinhos and minor earthquakes occur sporadically, usually of low intensity. Portugal's Exclusive Economic Zone, a sea zone over which the Portuguese have special rights over the exploration and use of marine resources, has 1,, km2.

This is the 3rd largest Exclusive Economic Zone of the European Union and the 11th largest in the world. Praia Dona Ana in Lagos, a coastal beach typical of the Algarve. A view of Serra da Estrela, the highest range on the mainland. The terraced hills of the wine-making region of the Douro Valley. Portugal is defined as a Mediterranean climate Csa in the south, interior, and Douro region; Csb in the north, centre and coastal Alentejo; and also Semi-arid climate or Steppe climate Bsk in certain parts of Beja district according to the Koppen-Geiger Climate Classification , and is one of the warmest European countries: The Algarve, separated from the Alentejo region by mountains reaching up to metres in Pico da Foia, has a climate similar to that of the southern coastal areas of Spain or Southern California.

Annual average rainfall in the mainland varies from just over 3, mm Mount Pico is recognized as receiving the largest annual rainfall over 6, mm In these places snow can fall any time from October to May.

In the south of the country snowfalls are rare but still occur in the highest elevations. The country has around to hours of sunshine a year, an average of 4—6 h in winter and 10—12 h in the summer, with higher values in the southeast and lower in the northwest.

Both the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira have a subtropical climate, although variations between islands exist, making weather predictions very difficult owing to rough topography. Some islands in Azores do have drier months in the summer. Consequently, the island of the Azores have been identified as having a Mediterranean climate both Csa and Csb types , while some islands such as Flores or Corvo are classified as Maritime Temperate Cfb or Humid subtropical Cfa , respectively, according to Koppen-Geiger classification.

The Savage Islands, which are part of the regional territory of Madeira are unique in being classified as a Desert climates BWh with an annual average rainfall of approximately mm 5. Protected areas of Portugal include one national park Portuguese: Parque Nacional , 12 natural parks Portuguese: Parque Natural , nine natural reserves Portuguese: Reserva Natural , five natural monuments Portuguese: Monumento Natural , and seven protected landscapes Portuguese: These natural environments are shaped by diverse flora, and include widespread species of pine especially the Pinus pinaster and Pinus pinea species , the chestnut Castanea sativa , the cork-oak Quercus suber , the holm oak Quercus ilex , the Portuguese oak Quercus faginea , and eucalyptus Eucalyptus globulus.

All are prized for their economic value. Laurisilva is a unique type of subtropical rainforest found in few areas of Europe and the world: Portugal is an important stopover for migratory birds, in places such as Cape St. Vincent or the Monchique mountain, where thousands of birds cross from Europe to Africa during the autumn or in the spring return migration.

Most of the avian species congregate along the Iberian Peninsula since it is the closest stopover between northern Europe and Africa. Six hundred bird species occur in Portugal either for nesting or during the course of migration , and annually there are new registries of nesting species. The archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira are transient stopover for American, European, and African birds, while continental Portugal mostly encounters European and African bird species.

There are over varieties of freshwater fish species, varying from the giant European catfish in the Tagus International Natural Park to some small and endemic species that live only in small lakes along the western lakes for example. Some of these rare and specific species are highly endangered because of habitat loss, pollution and drought. Upwelling along the west coast of Portugal makes the sea extremely rich in nutrients and diverse species of marine fish; the Portuguese marine waters are one of the richest in the world.

Marine fish species are more common, and include thousands of species, such as the sardine Sardina pilchardus , tuna and Atlantic mackerel. Bioluminescent species are also well represented including species in different colour spectrum and forms , like the glowing plankton that are possible to observe in some beaches.

There are many endemic insect species, most only found in certain parts of Portugal, while other species are more widespread like the stag beetle Lucanus cervus and the cicada. The Macronesian islands Azores and Madeira have many endemic species like birds, reptiles, bats, insects, snails and slugs that evolved independent from other regions of Portugal.

In Madeira, for example, it is possible to observe more than species of land gastropods. Pedro Passos Coelho is the current Prime Minister. Portugal has been a democratic republic since the ratification of the Constitution of , with Lisbon, the nation's largest city, as its capital. The constitution grants the division, or separation, of powers among legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Assembly of the Republic , the Government, headed by a Prime Minister, and the courts.

The President, who is elected to a five-year term, has a supervisory non-executive role: The Parliament is a chamber composed of deputies elected for a four-year term. The courts are organized into several levels: A thirteen-member Constitutional Court oversees the constitutionality of the laws.

Presidential powers include the appointment of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers where the President is obligated by the results from Legislative Elections ; dismissing the Prime Minister; dissolving the Assembly to call early elections ; vetoing legislation which may be overridden by the Assembly ; and declaring a State of War or siege. The President is advised on issues of importance by the Council of State, which is composed of six senior civilian officers, any former Presidents elected under the Constitution, five-members chosen by the Assembly, and five selected by the president.

The Government is headed by the presidentially-appointed Prime Minister, who names a Council of Ministers to act as the government and cabinet. Each government is required to define the broad outline of its policies in a program, and present it to the Assembly for a mandatory period of debate.

The failure of the Assembly to reject the program by a majority of deputies confirms the government in office. Elected by universal suffrage according to a system of proportional representation, deputies serve four-year terms of office, unless the President dissolves the Assembly and calls for new elections.

Law of Portugal, Law enforcement in Portugal, Crime in Portugal, and Drug policy of Portugal The Portuguese legal system is part of the civil law legal system, also called the continental family legal system. Until the end of the 19th century, French law was the main influence. Since then, the major influence has been German law. The main laws include the Constitution , as amended , the Civil Code , as amended and the Penal Code , as amended.

Other relevant laws are the Commercial Code , as amended and the Civil Procedure Code , as amended. Portuguese law applied in the former colonies and territories and continues to be the major influence for those countries. Portugal was one of the first countries in the world to abolish the death penalty. Maximum jail sentences are limited to 25 years.

Portugal has arguably the most liberal laws concerning possession of illicit drugs in the Western world. In Portugal decriminalized possession of effectively all drugs that are still illegal in other developed nations including, but not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and LSD. While possession is legal, trafficking and possession of more than "10 days worth of personal use" are still punishable by jail time and fines. People caught with small amounts of any drug are given the choice to go to a rehab facility, and may refuse treatment without consequences.

The law came into force on 5 June Administrative divisions of Portugal Administratively, Portugal is divided into municipalities Portuguese: Operationally, the municipality and civil parish, along with the national government, are the only legally identifiable local administrative units identified by the government of Portugal for example, cities, towns or villages have no standing in law, although may be used as catchment for the defining services. For statistical purposes the Portuguese government also identifies NUTS, inter-municipal communities and informally, the district system, used until European integration and being phased-out by the national government.

Continental Portugal is agglomerated into 18 districts, while the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira are governed as autonomous regions; the largest units, established since , are either mainland Portugal Portuguese: Portugal Continental and the autonomous regions of Portugal Azores and Madeira. The 18 districts of mainland Portugal are: In it co-founded the Community of Portuguese Language Countries CPLP , which seeks to foster closer economic and cultural ties between the world's Lusophone nations.

It has a friendship alliance and dual citizenship treaty with its former colony, Brazil. Portugal and England subsequently, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland share the world's oldest active military accord through their Anglo-Portuguese Alliance Treaty of Windsor , which was signed in There are two international territorial disputes, both with Spain: Under Portuguese sovereignty since , the municipality of Olivenza was ceded to Spain under the Treaty of Badajoz in , after the War of the Oranges.

Portugal claimed it back in under the Treaty of Vienna. However, since the 19th century, it has been continuously and peacefully ruled by Spain which considers the territory not only de facto but also de jure as an integral part of Spain. The Savage Islands are a small uninhabited archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, more or less midway between Madeira and Canary Islands The archipelago consists of two small rocky and inhospitable islands and some isolated rocks.

The archipelago's total area is hectares. The archipelago is under Portuguese domination, but it is geographically closer to the Canary Islands km than in Madeira km. Over time there have been several periods of political and military tension between Portugal and Spain because of the islands.

Found in by Italian navigators, the islands had belonged to private Portuguese owners until , when the Portuguese government bought the islands and created a nature reserve covering its entire territory. However, the islands are claimed by Spain since Since until , three Spanish vessels were seized by Portugal.

From until , there have been several low altitude flybys by Spanish fighters and an landing on Selvagem Grande Island by a Spanish Air Force helicopter. On June 23, , four Spanish fishing boats were captured near the islands. On , a Spanish fighter flew again at low altitude over the islands. Navy, Army and Air Force. They serve primarily as a self-defense force whose mission is to protect the territorial integrity of the country and provide humanitarian assistance and security at home and abroad.

As of , the three branches numbered 39, active personnel including 7, women. Military conscription was abolished in The minimum age for voluntary recruitment is 18 years. The Army 21, personnel comprises three brigades and other small units. The Navy 10, personnel, of which 1, are marines has five frigates, two submarines, and 28 patrol and auxiliary vessels. In addition to the three branches of the armed forces, there is the National Republican Guard, a security force subject to military law and organization gendarmerie comprising 25, personnel.

This force is under the authority of both the Defense and the Interior Ministry. It has provided detachments for participation in international operations in Iraq and East Timor. In the 20th century, Portugal engaged in two major military interventions: Portugal also conducted several independent unilateral military operations abroad, as were the cases of the interventions of the Portuguese Armed Forces in Angola in and in Guinea-Bissau in with the main objectives of protecting and withdrawing of Portuguese and foreign citizens threatened by local civil conflicts.

Economy of Portugal and Economic history of Portugal Since the Carnation Revolution which culminated with the end of one of its most notable phases of economic expansion that started in the s ,[34] there has been a significant change in annual economic growth.

After the turmoil of the revolution and the PREC period, Portugal has been trying to adapt itself to a changing modern global economy. Since the s, Portugal's economic development model has been slowly changing from one based on public consumption to one focused on exports, private investment, and development of the high-tech sector. Business services have overtaken more traditional industries such as textiles, clothing, footwear, cork of which Portugal is the world's leading producer ,[35] wood products and beverages.

The districts of Aveiro, Braga, Coimbra, and Leiria are the biggest economic centres outside those two main metropolitan areas. Agriculture in Portugal, Fishing in Portugal, and Mining in Portugal Most of Portugal's farms have a small area devoted to a diversified intensive farming, like these in the Oeste subregion.

Agriculture in Portugal is based on small to medium-sized family-owned dispersed units. The country produces a wide variety of crops and livestock products, including green vegetables, rice, corn, barley, olives, oilseeds, nuts, cherries, bilberry, table grapes, edible mushrooms, dairy products, poultry and beef. Traditionally a sea-power, Portugal has had a strong tradition in the Portuguese fishing sector and is one of the countries with the highest fish consumption per capita. Portugal is a significant European minerals producer and is ranked among Europe's leading copper producers.

It is also a noted producer of tin, tungsten and uranium. However, the country lacks hydrocarbon exploration potential, as well as iron, aluminium and coal deposits, a feature that has hindered its mining and metallurgy sector's development. The Panasqueira and Neves-Corvo mines are among the most noted Portuguese mines in operation. Volkswagen Group's AutoEuropa motor vehicle assembly plant in Palmela is among the largest foreign direct investment projects in Portugal.

Modern non-traditional technology-based industries like aerospace, biotechnology and information technology, have been developed in several locations across the country. Since after the turn of the 21st century, many major biotechnology and information technology industries have been founded and are concentrated in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Coimbra and Aveiro.

Oeiras Municipality, in Lisbon Metropolitan Area, is home of many of the headquarters of multinational companies operating in Portugal. Thermal Power Plant in Carregado, near Lisbon. Travel and tourism continues to become extremely important for Portugal, with visitor numbers forecast to increase significantly over the next years.

However, there is increasing competition from Eastern European destinations such as Croatia who offer similar attractions, which are often cheaper. Consequently, the country is almost obligated to focus on its niche attractions such as health, nature and rural tourism in order to stay ahead of its competitors.

While sensitive to various types of market and underwriting risks, both the life and non-life sectors, overall, are estimated to be able to withstand a number of severe shocks, even though the impact on individual insurers varies widely. The PSI is Portugal's most selective and widely known stock index.

In December , ratings agency Standard and Poor's lowered its long-term credit assessment of Portugal to "negative" from "stable," voicing pessimism on the country's structural weaknesses in the economy and weak competitiveness that would hamper growth and the capacity to strengthen its public finances and reduce debt. Some cases are well known and were widely reported in the media, such as the affairs in several municipalities involving local town hall officials and businesspersons, as well as a number of politicians with wider responsibilities and power.

This funded numerous ineffective and unnecessary external consultancy and advising committees and firms, allowed considerable slippage in state-managed public works, inflated top management and head officers' bonuses and wages, causing a persistent and lasting recruitment policy that boosted the number of redundant public servants.

The economy was also damaged by risky credit, public debt creation and mismanaged European structural and cohesion funds for almost four decades. Thus Portuguese convergence has been impressive, even though, consistent with its relatively low human-capital stock, the economy has specialised in low-tech production. It was the third time that external financial aid was requested to the IMF — the first was in the late s following the Carnation Revolution. In October , Moody's Analytics downgraded nine Portuguese banks, blaming financial weakness.

Officially, in the unemployment rate decreased to 7. As of March , the unemployment rate is at Tourism in Portugal The Pena National Palace in Sintra is a World Heritage Site and one of Portugal's most visited landmarks Portugal is among the 20 most visited countries in the world, receiving an average of 13 million foreign tourists each year. Lisbon is, after Barcelona, the European city which attracts the most tourists with seven million tourists occupying the city's hotels in , a number that grew Porto and Northern Portugal, especially the urban areas north of Douro River valley, was the tourist destination which grew most Porto and Norte , the Portuguese Islands Portuguese: Madeira and Azores , and Alentejo.

By the early s Portugal's fast economic growth with increasing consumption and purchase of new automobiles set the priority for improvements in transportation.

Again in the s, after joining the European Economic Community, the country built many new motorways. Today, the country has a 68, km 42, mi road network, of which almost 3, km 1, mi are part of system of 44 motorways.

Opened in , the first motorway which linked Lisbon to the National Stadium was an innovative project that made Portugal among one of the first countries in the world to establish a motorway this roadway eventually became the Lisbon-Cascais highway, or A5. But, although a few other tracts were created around and , it was only after the beginning of the s that large-scale motorway construction was implemented.

In , Brisa, the highway concessionaire, was founded to handle the management of many of the regions motorways. On many highways, toll needs to be paid, see Via Verde.

Lisbon's geographical position makes it a stopover for many foreign airlines at several airports within the country. The primary flag-carrier is TAP Portugal, although many other domestic airlines provide services within and without the country. The government decided to build a new airport outside Lisbon, in Alcochete, to replace Lisbon Portela Airport.

A national railway system that extends throughout the continent and into Spain, is supported and administered by Comboios de Portugal. In the CP carried million passengers and 9,, t 9,, long tons; 10,, short tons of goods. The two largest metropolitan areas have subway systems: In Porto, a tram network, of which only a tourist line on the shores of the Douro remain, began construction on 12 September a first for the Iberian Peninsula.

All major cities and towns have their own local urban transport network, as well as taxi services. A number of both national and multinational high-tech and industrial companies, are also responsible for research and development projects. One of the oldest learned societies of Portugal is the Sciences Academy of Lisbon, founded in Iberian bilateral state-supported research efforts include the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory and the Ibercivis distributed computing platform, which are joint research programmes of both Portugal and Spain.

Portugal is a member of several pan-European scientific organizations. The Lisbon Oceanarium — by the time of its opening, it was among the largest aquariums in the world. With the emergence and growth of several science parks throughout the world that helped create many thousands of scientific, technological and knowledge-based businesses, Portugal started to develop several[66] science parks across the country.

Companies locate in the Portuguese science parks to take advantage of a variety of services ranging from financial and legal advice through to marketing and technological support.

Egas Moniz, a Portuguese physician who developed the cerebral angiography and leucotomy, received in the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine — he is the first Portuguese recipient of a Nobel Prize and the only in the sciences.

The European Innovation Scoreboard , placed Portugal-based innovation in the 15th position, with an impressive increase in innovation expenditure and output. Energy in Portugal, Nuclear energy in Portugal, and Renewable energy in Portugal Alqueva Dam, in the Alentejo; the Alqueva project, an irrigation and hydroelectric power generation system, created the largest artificial lake in Western Europe. Portugal has considerable resources of wind and river power, the two most costeffective renewable sources.

Since the turn of the 21st century, there has been a trend towards the development of a renewable resource industry and reduction of both consumption and use of fossil fuel resources.

But new programs combine wind and water: Instead of just delivering electricity, it draws electricity from even the smallest generators, like rooftop solar panels.

The government aggressively encouraged such contributions by setting a premium price for those who buy rooftop-generated solar electricity.

This population has been relatively homogeneous for most of its history: The most important demographic influence in the modern Portuguese seems to be the oldest one; current interpretation of Y-chromosome and mtDNA data suggests that the Portuguese have their origin in Paleolithic peoples that began arriving to the European continent around 45, years ago.

All subsequent migrations did leave an impact, genetically and culturally, but the main population source of the Portuguese is still Paleolithic. Metropolitan areas of Portugal Map of Portugal with the representation of population density no. Immigration to Portugal Portugal's colonial history has long since been a cornerstone of its national identity, as has its geographic position at the southwestern corner of Europe, looking out into the Atlantic Ocean. It was the last western colonial European powers to give up its overseas territories among them Angola and Mozambique in , turning over the administration of Macau to the People's Republic of China at the end of Portugal, long a country of emigration the vast majority of Brazilians have some Portuguese ancestry ,[79] has now become a country of net immigration,[80] and not just from the last Indian Portuguese until , African Portuguese until , and Far East Asian Portuguese until overseas territories.

An estimated , Portuguese returned to Portugal as the country's African possessions gained independence in Romanians, Moldovans and Chinese have also chosen Portugal as destination. Portugal's Romani population, estimated at about 40,,[81] offers another element of ethnic diversity. Most Romanis congregate with similar ethnic groups in the southern parts of the country and sell clothing and handicrafts in rural markets.

In addition, a number of EU citizens, mostly from the United Kingdom, northern European or Nordic countries, have become permanent residents in the country with the British community being mostly composed of retired pensioners and choosing to live in the Algarve and Madeira.

Many Portuguese holidays, festivals and traditions have a Christian origin or connotation. Although relations between the Portuguese state and the Roman Catholic Church were generally amiable and stable since the earliest years of the Portuguese nation, their relative power fluctuated. In the 13th and 14th centuries, the church enjoyed both riches and power stemming from its role in the reconquest, its close identification with early Portuguese nationalism and the foundation of the Portuguese educational system, including the first university.

The growth of the Portuguese overseas empire made its missionaries important agents of colonization, with important roles in the education and evangelization of people from all the inhabited continents.

The growth of liberal and nascent republican movements during the eras leading to the formation of the First Portuguese Republic —26 changed the role and importance of organized religion.

Portugal is a secular state: Other than the Constitution, the two most important documents relating to religious freedom in Portugal are: Languages of Portugal, Portuguese language, Mirandese language, and Portuguese-based creole languages Map of the Lusosphere, the Portuguese-speaking world Portuguese is the official language of Portugal.

Portuguese is a Romance language that originated in what is now Galicia Spain and Northern Portugal, from the Galician-Portuguese language. It is derived from the Latin spoken by the romanized Pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula around years ago.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, it spread worldwide as Portugal established a colonial and commercial empire — In the present day, Portuguese is spoken as a native language on 4 different continents, with Brazil accounting for the largest number of native Portuguese speakers in any country.

These countries, plus Macau Special Administrative Region People's Republic of China , make up the Lusosphere, term derived from the ancient Roman province of Lusitania, which currently matches the Portuguese territory south of the Douro river.

Mirandese is also recognized as a co-official regional language in some municipalities of northeastern Portugal. It retains fewer than 5, speakers in Portugal a number that can be up to 12, if counting second language speakers. The educational system is divided into preschool for those under age 6 , basic education 9 years, in three stages, compulsory , secondary education 3 years, till the 12th grade , and higher education university and polytechnic.

In addition to being a key destination for international students, Portugal is also among the top places of origin for international students. All higher education students, both domestic and international, totaled , in Portuguese universities have existed since The oldest Portuguese university was first established in Lisbon before moving to Coimbra.

The largest university in Portugal is the University of Porto. Universities are usually organized into faculties. The University of Coimbra, built in , is one of the oldest in continuous operation in the world. Institutes and schools are also common designations for autonomous subdivisions of Portuguese higher education institutions.

The Bologna process has been adopted since by Portuguese universities and polytechnical institutes. Higher education in state-run educational establishments is provided on a competitive basis, a system of numerus clausus is enforced through a national database on student admissions. However, every higher education institution offers also a number of additional vacant places through other extraordinary admission processes for sportsmen, mature applicants over 23 years old , international students, foreign students from the Lusosphere, degree owners from other institutions, students from other institutions academic transfer , former students readmission , and course change, which are subject to specific standards and regulations set by each institution or course department.

Most student costs are supported with public money. Was bestimmt die verschiedenen Aromen? Trotzdem sind wir schon jetzt in Deutschland, England und in Panama stark und es ist hervorragend gelaufen. Die Planung ist in der Endphase und unser Ehrgeiz ist, unser Produkt durch den Eigenanbau rentabler zu machen. Wo verkaufen sie im Ausland am meisten? Das hat uns auf dem spanischen Markt einen Schub gegeben. Welche weiteren Preise haben ihre Produkte erhalten?

Wir haben den Nutrition Awards gewonnen und bei Acredita Portugal teilgenommen, das hat uns als Werbeplattform gedient. Welche Aromen sind am gefragtesten?

Die Marmelade geht am Besten. Erdbeere mit Port- wein und Malagueta Chilipfeffer. No Greasy food and drink stalls at the gates of football stadiums or any fair in Portugal. However, already, throughout the country, one can find an innovative tasty and quality supply.

An evolution, which accompanies the European trend, of valuing travelling food that, in many spots, has become part of the gastronomic and cultural routes. Isso constata-se na quantidade de conceitos que surgem todas as semanas. Existem programas televisivos dedicados a este tipo de comida. How does this street food festival originate? The is an idea that has been here for some time, motivated by the fact that street food is a trend that came to stay. This can be seen in the quantity of concepts that come up every week.

On the other hand, because we are receiving the World Food Tourism Summit, in Estoril, it would make sense to create an approach to this theme — which in many countries is part of the cultural and gastronomical offer — involving consumers and professionals in a quality event.

Would you say that Portugal has any tradition in this type of offer, or does it sum up to the traditional trailers selling bifanas pork sandwiches and farturas type of churro at the fairs? And lets not forgets the roast chestnut wagons. These concepts have evolved in terms of gastronomic offer, service quality and even in terms of food hygiene and safety.

It is necessary to have adequate Portuguese legislation and to understand that street food serves as more than satisfying the eating necessities of a group of passers-by in a determined spot. Street food today is also a means of economic boosting, both in terms of promoting locations and as a means of leverage of the enveloping commerce. Wie ist das Festival entstanden? Das zeigt sich auch an den neuen Angeboten, die von Woche zu Woche zunehmen. Es existiert eine gewisse Tradition.

Die neuen Konzepte haben sich jedoch im Hinblick auf das gastronomische Angebot, einen guten Service und auch aus Sicht der Lebensmittelhygiene weiterentwickelt.

Gibt es in Portugal schon erfolgreiche innovative Projekte? Es gibt viele innovative Projekte mit interessanten Konzepten sowohl was das Lebensmittelangebot betrifft, als auch im Hinblick auf die Fahrzeuge, in denen sie verkauft werden. We have many innovative projects, approaching interesting concepts, both where eating offer is concerned and in terms of the vehicles being used for their sale.

To highlight some cases, today on our streets, we can purchase bolas de Berlin type of doughnut , coffee, cocktails, bagels, hamburgers, Mexican food, sushi, hot dogs, suckling pig Are there any television programmes dedicated to this type of food? I would like to know if you were inspired by any model of a festival or whether you are organizing everything from scratch. When we started to think and prepare the event, we received some inspiration from the united Kingdom, where the concept is growing in a very calm and professional way.

In the last months, the demand has surpassed all our expectations. We had to close the enrolments so as not to cause logistic difficulties to the event. Our objective was to include 40 vehicles and we are going to have around We had hoped for five or six international vehicles but, instead, we will be having around Can you tell us a little about the menus visitors can expect There are proposals for every taste, from vegetarian to traditional sweets from Poland I would like to know if this festival is to be continued in other parts of the country.

Its mission will not only be the defence of professional interests in this sector but also the promotion and coordination of events of this nature. This events has international character and, I believe, is to be institutionalized as a yearly event, and we have another four events requested for various parts of the country. On average, how much is a visitor expected to spend on a visit? Are you organizing any parallel attractions programme? By itself, the event is already attractive.

We do have, however, in conjunction with Estrella Damn, sponsor of the festival, workshops with renown chefs and bloggers who will have their own space for the presentation of personal proposals.

RFM radio station will be present with animators and pastime activities. We will have musical talents singers, guitarists, DJs providing entertainment and some trademarks promoting merriment for the children at the week-end.

We have undertaken various actions of national and international initiatives. The development of the World Food Tourism Summit is one that will have the greatest impact, as did our trip to 20 European cities, in , in a van that promoted the products of our recipes and that will also be at the Street Food European Festival. Dort reift dieses Konzept auf sehr professionelle und entspannte Art und Weise heran. Wir konnten keine weiteren Standbuchungen mehr annehmen, um zu verhindern, dass wir bei dem Event logistische Probleme bekommen.

Es war unser Ziel 40 Wagen zu bekommen und nun werden es 60 sein. Daneben etablieren sich mindestens vier weitere Events dieser Art an verschiedenen Orten im Land. Welchen Betrag werden die Besucher im Durchschnitt ausgeben? Wir denken, der durchschnittliche Umsatz pro Person wird um die 10 — 12 Euro liegen. Gibt es ein Rahmenprogramm mit weitere Attraktionen?

Die Veranstaltung selbst ist schon eine Attraktion. The World Food Tourism Summit will bring together gourmets, chefs and hotel professionals from all over the world in the Congress Centre of Estoril, from 8th to 11th April. In the panel of around 25 invited speakers, the spotlight goes to North American journalist, Matt Goulding; the president of the British Street Food Association, Richard Johnson who will focus on the relevance of street food in Europe ; and Ian Yeoman, professor at Victory University, Australia.

Beim World Food Tourism Summit werden vom 8. Today, two and a half years later, the youngster from Oporto was recognized as one of the revelations of the year in the area of solidarity. Das war glaube ich schon immer so. Meine Mutter hat in einer sozialen Einrichtung gearbeitet und ich kenne diese Arbeit, seitdem ich ein kleines Kind war.

Schon immer habe ich Menschen gesehen, die Probleme hatten. Deshalb ist der Wille zu helfen, in mir gewachsen. Wenn ich in der Schule sah, dass jemand weniger als ich hat, habe ich ihm lieber mein Schulbrot gegeben, als zuzusehen, wie er hungert.

Wie hat das Ganze angefangen? Im Januar waren wir vier Leute. Die Organisation wurde von drei weiteren freiwilligen Organisatorinnen aufgebaut: Heute hat die Organisation Mitglieder. Warum machen so viele Freiwillige mit? Es ist der Wille, zu helfen. Por outro lado, moro perto de um bairro social, o Bairro do Cerco, no Porto. Sempre vi gente que passa dificuldades. Felizmente, nunca passei por isso, mas vi esse flagelo bem de perto.

Hoje, o movimento tem pessoas. How did you start becoming interested in social issues? Since always, I think. My mother works in a social solidarity institution IPSS and from a young age I have followed the work they do.

On the other hand, I live near a housing projects neighbourhood, Bairro do Cerco in Oporto. I have always seen people living with difficulties. For these reasons, the desire to help grew up with me. I already helped before that. When, at school, I saw someone who had less than me, I preferred to give my snack than see them go hungry. Fortunately, I never suffered from it but witnessed that affliction from quite close.

How did it all start? In January , we were four people. The movement was created together with another three administrators: Today the movement has 15o people. What is the reason for so many volunteers? It is the desire to help. Then it becomes the bonds that are created, the love and tenderness one has for those who are on the streets.

What are the greatest difficulties you face? Because we are a group of friends, many doors are closed to us. Then, it is the prejudice that all associations and groups benefit from the homeless.

I am in the streets to share and not for my own benefit. Is there any success case of someone you helped out? Es gibt den Fall des ukrainischen Einwanderers Bruno, der leider, wie so Viele, vollkommen verarmt war. Heute ist er wieder in der Ukraine bei seiner Familie. Die Vorarbeit beginnt schon einen Tag davor, am Freitag. Wir gehen in die Konditoreien und holen dort Kuchen ab. Bento im Jardim do Carregal und im Bairro do Cerco. Momentan helfen wir etwa Menschen und es kommen nicht nur Obdachlose zu uns, sondern auch Menschen, die zwar eine Wohnung, aber nichts zu essen haben.

He lived in a hostel and ate from the food trucks. Now, he has gone back to the Ukraine, to his family. It was us who made his return home possible. In coordination with the centre where he was, we manage to gather all the necessary documents, and passport, so he could return home. Temos o caso do Boris, um emigrante ucraniano, que, infelizmente, como muitos, acabou por cair na pobreza.

Bento, no Jardim do Carregal e no Bairro do Cerco. O que fazem quando encontram casos mais graves? Pensam em oficializar o movimento? You go out on the streets fortnightly. What is your routine? Our outings are on Saturdays. Work starts the day before, on Friday. We go to the confectioneries of the city to collect cakes. On Saturday, we start cooking, in enormous pots, bright and early.

We also collect some soup in restaurants, that we transfer to thermal containers for later distribution. Bento, in the Garden of Carregal and in Bairro do Cerco.

It is also people who have homes but nothing to eat. As you said, you do not only help those who are hungry. What do you do when faced with serious situations? We accompany people to hospital or to centres that have competencies to help them in more adequate ways. Are you thinking of formalising this movement? We want civil society to understand the role it also has to play.

We want to be free and make a difference. This group of friends is already serving meals and can do it because really a lot of people think like us. How can someone so young do all you do and still study? It is really the will to help. Contrary to what some might think, there are a lot of young people in the movement. After finishing your studies, what do you think you will do? I want to continue related to solidarity. Maybe I will manage to get a house for abandoned youngsters and get the homeless — some with a lot of competencies — working together in exchange for a roof and some funds that will allow them to restart their lives, which have been left half-lived.

How can people help the movement? We do not accept help in cash to avoid misunderstandings. But donations can be made from a distance, for example, by mail. There is a lady who lives in England who shops online at a supermarket and has the groceries delivered to us.

Would you like to leave a message for the readers? Essentially that they embrace this cause. Wie Sie bereits sagten, helfen Sie nicht nur Menschen, die Hunger haben. Wir begleiten die Menschen ins Krankenhaus oder in eine Einrichtung, die in der Lage ist ihnen angemessener zu helfen. Unserem Freundeskreis, der immerhin Mahlzeiten serviert, gelingt dies, weil wirklich viele Menschen, wie wir denken.

Es ist wirklich der Wille, zu helfen. Was haben Sie vor, wenn Sie mit dem Studium fertig sind? Eine Frau, die in England wohnt, kauft auf der Internetseite eines Supermarkts ein und die Waren werden bei uns ausgeliefert. Quer deixar uma mensagem para quem a for ler? Essencialmente, que abracem esta causa.

No One of the best skies in Europe for astronomic observation is in the heart of Alentejo. E motivou um maior envolvimento das comunidades e actores locais. Can you explain, in a nut shell, what the reservation Dark Sky of Alqueva is? It is a territory with an area of 3,km2 that integrates six municipalities around the Lake of Alqueva, in which we are developing a programme for sustainability.

Among other things, we are implementing actions to combat light pollution, promoting energetic efficiency friendly for astronomy, protecting the environment and creating and improving services for astro-tourists. To the quality of the night sky, with an average of clear nights per year, we have added services adapted for the astro-tourists.

This project has the merit of demonstrating that there is more life in the Alqueva than only agriculture. How did you come up with the idea of potentiating the night sky as natural resource? In terms of tourism, the Alqueva is suited for nautical tourism due to the great lake and the barrage that formed it. However, the investments necessary to its development were late in appearing. Thus, the entrepreneurs established here, specially those related to rural tourism were looking for an alternative, something that would have an impact and created activity in that whole area.

We studied the market tendencies and the sky came up as a great opportunity. The certification of the territory as Dark Sky reservation was a process that helped its recognition; and motivated a greater involvement of the local communities and actors. Did you think of any target public or specific market niche? According to some of the studies we had access to, we have a potential direct market, that are the amateur astronomers.

We have another market, more difficult and hard to attain, and that includes half the world population that lives in cities and that has never had access to a dark sky. In other words, that has never seen the milky way, for example.

How has it been in terms of acceptance, since ? Denken Sie an eine bestimmte Zielgruppe oder einen Nischenmarkt? A iniciativa decorre na unidade de turismo Casa Saramago, na aldeia de Telheiro, nos dias 18 de Abril, 16 de Maio, 13 de Junho, 18 de Julho, 15 de Agosto, 12 de Setembro e 10 de Outubro. The initiative will take place in the tourism unit Casa Saramago, in the town of Telheiro, on the 18th pril, 13th June, 18th June, 15th August, 12th September and 10th October. Die Aktion findet am Sell what you no longer want.

Cheque and Postal Order made out to: Price of Euros set. BTT bike, large frame, good condition. Gents mountain bike, with shock absorbers. Beautiful ladies bike and helmet. Mini foot pump, new in the box, with bike accessories, air mattresses and balls. Double universal head for all types of valves. Automatic, German plates, good for parts, drives.

Turbo, Intercooler, bomba injectora, etc. I have many parts for sale for a VM engine: Turbo Intercooler, injection pump, etc. Verkaufe viele teile f. Turbo Intercooler, Einspritzpumpe etc. Rufen Sie mich an, um die Preise zu erfahren. Two rear bumpers for sale, in good condition. Engine and gearbox, perfect condition driven by same owner from new.

Vende-se completo mas sem motor. Todos os vidros e luzes em bom estado. Complete without motor, other parts available, for pieces only. All glasses and lens for lights in good order. Alle Fenster und Lampen in gutem Zustand. Envio para Portugal e ilhas. Several water containers for Nissan Micra K11, from Will deliver in the Madeira Island. Can send to Continental Portugal and Islands. Nissan Micra K11 BJ Capota para carro, a estrear. Cover, left or right hand drive, brand new.

Rear seat for up to 4 people. Rear bumper in black. Brand new never fitted. Procuro radiador para AC. Wanted air conditioning radiator. Looking for used part in good shape: Support for any size trailer, hand winding model, complete with fixings, offers invited. Velho mas ainda anda bem.

Old but runs really well. Would easily convert to mobile home. Gunmetal grey, black leather, genuine Portuguese, rust free car. Excellent condition from Jaguar enthusiast, can assist with service and parts. SWB, 6-seater, alloy wheels, nav.

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Automatic gearbox, as new, 1 owner, very reliable and economical. Carrinha, modelo novo, 6 lugares mista. Van, 6-seater, new model. Kombi, 6-Sitzer, neue Modell. UK plates, needs radiator, good working engine, M Tech body kit.

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In need of a new battery. MOT till May Automatic, petrol, leather upholstery, new MOT, very good condition, extras. Automatik, Benziner, Ledersitze, sehr g. Qualquer cor excepto preto. Nissan Qashqai, year or , low km, good condition. Any color besides black. Jede Farbe ausser schwarz. Lenkrad rechts oder links. Wanted 4 x 4, jeep or pick-up, any year or condition. Cash on the spot! Suche Fahrzeuge aller Art: Wanted cheap estate car, LHD, needing work not a problem. Must be Portuguese registered and legal.

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